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Alex - November 13

I have been using the clearblue fertility monitor for 4 months...... this is my second round of clomid, 50 mg........ and I FINALLY got an egg this morning on cd 16!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, it is almost like getting a positive pregnancy test! LOL!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!! BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mindi - November 13

Good luck Alex and happy bd. I got pregnant the first time I saw the egg. Hopefully you will get lucky as well.


isa - November 13

way to go Alex, sending you lots of glue!!


Staci - November 13

Wonderful! I know the feeling about the egg!!! I rarely ovulate so it is big deal! Glad the clomid worked for you. I took it this cycle same dosage, but never got a definite positive OPK. :( Best of luck!



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