finally a bfp!
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very happy - February 10

i've been ttc for 18 months, had a m/c in nov of 04 a laparoscopy to get rid of enometriosis in nov of 05 and 2 cycles of clomid to help with irregular and long cycles. this morning i had a bfp! today is 14 dpo and the line is faint but definitly positive. my symptoms are : very sore and very swollen breasts, extreme constipation, metallic taste in my mouth and i am very very tired. i keep falling asleep at 8:30 or 9 on the couch! now i just need to wait another 8 weeks til i can breathe a little easier. keep positive even though i know it is really hard.


hopeful06 - February 10

Congrats!!!!!!!! I wish you the best!!!!!!!! Keep us posted on your progress.....


AshleyB - February 10

yeah! Congrats! Come join the baby poops. We are at trying to get pregnant under signs of pregnancy! Congrats again!!


Mega - February 10

Conngrats! Have a healthy & happy 9 mos! :)


jcr - February 10

Very happy, I am exactly where you are yesterday was 14dpo and confirmed bfp by bloodwork!! I too had a miscarriage and it is quite scary! Let's stay positive and keep our fingers crossed. Is this baby #1? I have 2 year old daughter. How are you feeling? I feel sick all day, tired, sore bbs and constipated also. Last time around I lived on milk of magnesia-it was safe to take for constipation and worked for me. Goodluck and Belllyrubs!


Dianna - February 10

Congrats to you what a loving Valentines gift for you. I hope to be joining you soon. baby dust to all and happy V-Day



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