Finally! Just sharing some encouragement
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Been There - August 30

After 18 months of trying and finding out I had unfriendly CM about 2 months ago, the doctor gave me Premarin last month (AF came 8/1). My husband was worn out with my constant planning and scheduling intimacy. The night before I was scheduled to go for the post-coital again, he expressed his concern over the schedule because I wouldn't...

Anyway, I threw caution to the wind that night, decided I'd have to cancel to make him happy and just enjoy myself. Between the hormones and letting go, it must have worked. This morning made day 4 of being late and I decided to use a morning sample to test. Low and behold, there were definitely 2 lines. Although one was faint, it was there!!!

I'm calling the doctor's office today to take the blood test. I'm due in April 2006.

I'm sharing because I've been reading, sometimes replying, and absolutely going through this with you all. Keep focus, keep going and don't give up!! I won't be leaving because I'll still want share your success!

May today be filled with baby dust for us all!!


Jellybabe - August 30

Congrats!!!18 months is a long time to wait. I've been waiting for 4 months now and if all goes well, won't have my period on the 4th. Still had no symptoms of pms, where i usually get it 10 days before. so hold thumbs. Thanx for the dust...


Amy R - August 30

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! Thank you for the encouragement for all of us ttc. It surely is difficult, and it's wonderful to hear how your blessing has turned out!!! =)


Congradulations!!!!!! - August 30

That's awesome news!!!! After 15 months of trying, it sure it good to hear that someone is having some success! Thanks for the baby dust because I'll need it! -kelly


kc - August 30

Wow that's great news!!!! Finally good news on here for a change. I think relaxing may help with stress issues. We've been ttc for 16 months with a mc in April. The month I conceived was the month I took a break. I didn't want to have 2 birthdays the same week of Christmas. My daughter's birthday is dec 19. Well I got pg that month was due December 12. Unfortunately I MC and am now back to the drawing board. Lots of Baby dust to you so the bundle stays where it is for the next 7-8 months. Don't put too much weight into hcg levels. I was told that ultrasound images are more reliable in determining how the baby is doing.


Lena - August 31

Congratulations!!! I'm due April 14th so it will be nice to go through this together.


Been There - August 31

Thank you all!!

Jellybabe, let us know if AF arrives.

Amy and Congradulations, keep us updated.

KC, I'm ensuring the doctor watches me closely. I'm 36 and not taking any chances. Worked too hard to get here.

Lena, I'm looking forward to the next 8/9 months with you.

One more sprinkle of dust coming your way!



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