Finally....a BFP!!!!!
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Anna - September 13

Just got my BFP Sunday and it was made official at the dr. office yesterday! I'm five weeks PG and didn't know it the whole time! My other (now previous) dr. kept telling me that I wasn't PG or O'ing and was going to start me on Provera and Clomid this month. Numerous HPTs and a blood test over a week after implantation all came back negative. So ladies, trust your instincts and don't be so quick to believe those tests if your body is telling you otherwise! Good luck to everyone here ttc and **baby dust** to all of you! :)


gigi - September 13

that is great news ANNA.. how long have you been trying!


Justine - September 13

Congratulations Anna that's great news. What were your symptoms even though the tests were negative?


Anna - September 13

I went off BC in the beginning of May just so I could get my cycles back to normal. We were hoping for me to be PG by Oct., but weren't going to get our hopes up. I had a lot of problems with not starting my af at first and had to have a Provera induced af in July. I thought I was back at square one this time when my af never started, again. I started getting mild period like cramping off and on through out the dayright at implantation time. My mother and both my sisters, also, got this with their pregnancies. Around the third week, my nipples all of a sudden became tender and a little sore. I'd never even had sore bbs before, so this was new for me. Around the fourth week, I started getting constant, persitant mild nausea all day long. My appetite changed and the foods I normally love were making me feel like throwing up just thinking about them. The nausea has let up a good bit in the last day or so. I'm burping a lot and my stomach sometimes feels empty and gurgly, even after I've eaten shortly before. I'm starting to feel REALLY tired off and on throughout the day. But overall, I'm feeling really good and VERY HAPPY! Thanks, for the congrats!


To Anna - September 13

Hey Anna,
Can i ask you a few questions? First off Congrats girl! Doesn't it feel good to know your about to have the most precious moment in life come true thats how i felt concieving baby #1 without even trying to get PG. But now i am trying to concieve baby #2 for about 3 yrs now and my cycles was whack so the doc kept putting me on provera that didn't work so i decided to just wait it out and see if i could my menstrual on my own, only now i decided to go on birth control to regulate. How soon after taking your BC did you concieve?
Did your cylcle become regular after the BC?


Justine - September 13

Anna - thanks for the info and once again congratulations. It's great to hear success stories. This is my 8 month ttc and the frustration each month when af arrives really gets me down. However, I'm at 7dpo for this cycle and used an OPK to pin-point when I ovulated so I'm a little more confident for BFP this month!


Anna - September 13

Thanks girls! I was on BC for four years before coming off in May. I originally had to go on BC for unpredictable, all over the place cycles. After coming off, my body didn't do anything. I didn't jump into normal cycles. My Provera induced af in July has been the only af one I have had so far since coming off BC. I guess that one dose of Provera did the trick. I used O'ing tests ( I think the CVS brand was the one I got the +++ on ) and found I O'ed about 16 days into my cycle and implanted about 8-9 days after that. Those O'ing tests really helped a lot. So it took about 3 months to get PG. Honestly, though, I did not expect it to happen this soon. Especially, with all the cycle problems I've had in the past. But I guess that goes to show that even women with irregular cycles can get PG too without help. Good luck to both of you! I feel so happy and on cloud nine! I really pray that every woman on these forums can get a BFP and feel this way, too!


Mindi - September 13

Congrats to Anna....pretty soon I hope we can all write about our BFP's. Justine, I wish you luck with those strips. If I get my AF like I am suppose to, I too will be using those strips. Please keep us informed on how you do with them. Baby dust is coming your way!



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