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grad19 - October 9

Well, finally after a 70 day cycle, AF came on Friday! Tomorrow will be day 5 of my cycle and I can start Clomid. I'm not looking forward to taking the pills, but I am excited of what it can possible bring! Wish me luck and baby dust to all of you!


thayward7 - October 9

Good Luck girl! I hope this is the cycle that works for you. Smiles and Babydust... T


Lin - October 9

Best of luck to you!


HeatherP - October 9

Awesome! Good luck to you!! Sending you lots and lots of babydust!!! Here's hoping we all get our BFP's soon!!


annahoban7 - October 11

Good luck Grad19! I know what it's like to wait for months for af!!



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