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Cj - June 4

I can't believe it this morining I took a test and I got a BFP.It only took 15 months of trying and 2 months of Clomid. What a B-day present this is for me today. I just wanted to let everyone know don't give up it will happen. I have been on this site once in a while and it helped me knowing that there were other people going through the same thing I was. Baby Dust to all


christina - June 4

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is awesome to hear some wonderful news here, God Bless and best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chrissy - June 4

Congrats to you! & Best wishes!


crysta - June 4

congrats i hope i am right behind you as well as every one else


Dawn - June 4

Congratulations!!!!! I pray that your pregnancy will go well!!


Hanna - June 4



CUTIE - June 4

CONGRATS, I am soooooo HAPPY for you !! Please wish me good luck this month:)


Drew - June 4

Congratulations! Its so nice to finally hear some good news! Take care and best wishes!!!


jayna - June 5

congrats hope all goes well with your pregnancy!!


Mondo - June 5

GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to you both.


Amber - June 5

Congratulations hun! All the best!


Karen - June 6

Conratulations to you and keep us in your prayers aswell.


nancy - June 6

CONGRATS !!!!!Cj..........i hope that you'll have a wonderful and healthy baby....Keep trying everybody....maybe all of us will be pregnant at the right time. Keep praying


Kelly - June 7

Now that is the reason I come to this forum!!! Success's!! God bless you and your new little life.



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