fibroids/surgery/no baby/what next?
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Denise - June 10

I had a myomectomy March 2004 and was told that I could start trying to conceive after three months. Unfortunately due to some family issues that was not a good time to try. I went for follow up ultrasounds in Oct and April. All five fibroids are back. I am so depressed because I have not been able to conceive. My OB GYN is recommending surgery again but I'm not ready to go that route a second time. I just want to get pregnant now, but I'm afraid of having another miscarriage as I had two prior to the myomectomy. I'm at a lost as to what to do right now.


Lisa - June 10

Denise Hi I have 2 fybriods and my doctor told me she does not think they should be a problem I have been trying now for 5 years should I see another doctor???


Denise - June 11

Lisa, I would highly recommend that you see another doctor. In total I've seen four. Doctors say they don't think that the fibroids may not cause a
problem but they cannot know a 100% There are many other factor. Location, type,size and rate of growth. My doctors initially had me do ultrasounds every 6 months to monitor these factors ask your doctor about this.Good luck!


Denice35 - November 14

Hello ladies, I have started a post called Trying Clomid with Fibroid Tumors. If you can relate to this post please come join me. Thanks


magicmarcy - November 15

Denise~I had an abdominal yomectomey in Feb 2006 and docter gave my hubby and I the go ahead to try for babies a few months after my recovery. Sadly nothing since. thankfully mine have not returned, but we have started fertility meds and this was our 2nd IUI today. Does your doc think another myomectomy will be successful? Mine were grown into my uterine wall, so my doctor had to reconstruct my entire uterous. But he is confident I will be fine. He did say I might not be able to carry a baby full term, and definitley need a C section, but I am not scared about that. Just getting stressed cause of no preganncy yet.


magicmarcy - November 17

oops left off the M to myomectomy! sorry


jademaiden - November 18

I struggled with recurrent pregnancy loss for 4 years. I had 4 miscarriages during this time. I saw 4 different dr's who all saw the fibroid on the ultrasound, but said it was really small (2.5 cm) and should not be causing the m/c's. My last dr suggested doing a hysteroscopy to look at the fibroid - not just via ultrasound - and he said it was indenting my uterus. I had a a myomectomy November 2007, and I am now 16 weeks pregnant for the first time (all first trimester losses). It took me 8 months to get pregnant - From all the procedures I had, I developed cervical stenosis... which made my cervix really tight. I had my OB dialate it around ovulation and BAM I got pregnant that month! I saw 2 fetal maternal specialists who said the fibroid wasn't causing the miscarriages, but they were just going by "text book" knowledge. Have your dr. examine the fibroids for size/position to determine if it's causing fertility issues for you. Many women have babies with fibroids... it's all in the positioning and they don't know until they look inside your uterus!


eden2den - November 26

hi Denise, i have fribriods and due to have surgery soon, i've been trying for a baby for 6months and getting really anxious,i've been pregnant before but had a termination as i was quite young then, how long after surgery can you try for a baby and any success stories? help, i'm desperate.


jademaiden - November 26

Eden2den, my doctor said we could start trying as soon as 3 months after my myomectomy. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant for the first time and I have had 4 previous miscarriages. Don't feel so desperate.. It will happen for you!


eden2den - December 20

Hi jademaiden, thank you so much for your encouragement , it really meant a lot to me. my surgery is scheduled for 2nd of January and nw i'm anxious to get it done and over with, so i can start trying for a baby again.i'm so happy for your news and my prayer is that you have a wonderful pregnancy and a baby that will bring you loads of blessings and open doors to as many kids as your heart desires. For me, i draw strength from success stories praying that one day soon i will also share mine, and complete faith and trut in God.



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