Fibroids anyone????
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Tracy88 - May 12

My doc just discovered two large fibroids, so now I have to go through a sonohysterogram and possibly a laparoscopy. Has anyone had fairly large fibroids and had them removed? or gotten pregnant without having them removed? Any suggestions on how to shrink them naturally???


Tracy88 - May 13

bumpety, bump, bump!!!


isa - May 14

I have seen women giving birth on tv shows with very large fibroids so it is possible. The one I remember is she got pg and it continued to grow because it was stealing blood from the baby or something like that and it can be dangerous to have large ones while pg. She had to deliver at 27 weeks because it was threatening her life and pushing the baby up into one corner of her belly so it was a safety move. (It was on the show special deliveries) so it is possible. If you can have it taken care of before getting pg I think it would be recommended . Good luck tracy


Tracy88 - May 14

I know the doctor was worried about the fibroids getting too big while I am pregnant, so he wants to check them out to see if they would be a threat to a pregnancy, or perhaps preventing them. I am just scared, I don't want them to cut my uterus to a point where I can't have kids due to scar tissue or something crazy like that. BUT, one step at a time. I just have a feeling they are going to want to do a lap because I have pain all the time that now makes sense and had some painful intercourse too (tmi-sorry). My sister almost lost her child three years ago due to a fibroid that grew too much during her pregnancy, so I guess I'll do whatever it takes to have a safe 9 months. Thanks for responding. Any word on what you may end up doing?



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