Few questions- metaformin? PCOS?
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Tink - August 30

just trying to educate myself on some things.

I've heard about this metaformin? what is it? does it have something to do with diet or weight? for some reason in posts I read, that was my jist of it? i wasn't sure.

and PCOS? what are the symptoms for that? I've heard acne, long cycles, long periods, heavy bleeding, hair loss, facial hair etc. Are those on target? I just want to rule it out as a possibility (i have none of those, in fact have short cycles).

What about endo- the RE said my irregularity and painful PMS could be signs. anyone have experience?

starting IUI cycle 2 with clomid/trigger shot today! CD 1 if anyone needs a buddy.


skeeter - August 31

Metformin helps correct the insulin resistance that goes hand in hand with PCOS. Insulin resistance directly effects ovulation. It also causes your body to store sugar. Your body thinks that you are starving it of sugar so it doesn't burn it, just stores it. This is where the overweightness can come in. Metformin has been a godsend for me. I've lost almost 20 pounds within the past 3 months from taking that. PCOS - body hair, hair loss, lack of a/f, long cycles, heavy cycles, weight gain, it can also effect the cholesterol level, acne, painful a/f, painful intercourse....... it's sooooo much!!! "Normal" women will develop a follicle, it grows and releases an egg, the follicle just kinda disappears after ovulation......PCOS'ers don't have that luxury. We develop follicles, which usually don't develop to a viable stage for the egg, and the body doesn't usually absorb them. They can get to be fairly large in size. I've had a few removed surgically. The best way to tell is to have your hormones checked. Off of the top of my head I cannot remember the names of them, but I know that two of them should be a 1:1 ratio. Mine is 3:1 = anovulation= no baby. Also, just because you get a period (I assume that's what you mean by cycle) doesn't mean that you ovulate. That's a misconceived notion that many women have. I'd have the hormones checked. Irregularity and cramps = both PCOS and endometriosis. Good luck!!!


thayward7 - August 31

I have been taking Metformin as well, almost a year now. I didn't realize how awful I was feeling until I was put on Metformin and I started to feel wonderful. I has helped to regulate my insulin and my cycles. I lost almost 40 pounds in the first 3 months of being on Metformin - I also went to Curves 4-5 times a week, I finally had the energy to do that - so that contributed to the weight loss too. Anyway, I am currently on a 2 cycle break off of clomid, then I will try again. To get diagnosed, my RE looked at several things, hormones and a sugar test where I had to have a blood test, then drink a sweet, sweet medical drink, wait a certain amount of time and have another blood test. This tells whether or not you have insulin resistance, diabetes or are fine. Anyway, I'm sure your RE has done or will do all the tests you need. Hope you get a BFP soon! Smiles and babydust! T


skeeter - September 3



anon - October 2

What about hard lumpy swollen stomach? I cannot sleep on my stomach because it hurts to do so. I have irreglar periods, but not long or heavy or any of the other symptoms of PCOS. Could that be a symptom that is rare?



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