Fertlity software for free
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IM - October 4

The Hormonal Forecaster is a freely downloadable software tool and calendar that assists users in determining ovulation and fertility using natural family planning techniques. Based upon recorded symptoms, the program can generate ovulation charts, fertility predictions, and other statistical information. By predicting ovulation, it allows you to take advantage of your fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy.



IM - October 4



trying in nc - October 4

thanks for info


annette - October 4

thars a good site. thanks


Mia - October 4

This program is cool. It can show a child's life time events based on the date of conception. I copied the result for today below.

Future Child Extrapolation:

October 5, 2005

Birth Date: June 28, 2006

Starts Kindergarten:
August/September 2011

Starts High School (9th grade):
August/September 2020

Sixteenth Birthday:
June 28, 2022

High School Graduation (Class of 2024):
May/June 2024

Reaches Adulthood (18th Birthday):
June 28, 2024

Twenty-First Birthday:
June 28, 2027

College Graduation (4 year degree):
May/June 2028

Get Married: *
Around the Year 2030 (if female)
Around the Year 2032 (if male)

Retirement: *
Approximately the Year 2071

Longevity: *
Likely will live to see the year 2086
(if female)
Likely will live to see the year 2081
(if male)

* Estimates Based on Average Statistics in the Year 2002 in the United States.



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