fertility vs. ovulating????
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marielyn - November 3

is is possible to get pregnant on your days of fertility, or just on the day that your ovulating?


ginger6363 - November 3

If I understand your question correctly, you can get pregnant from having sex a few days before, the day of (and for a small % the day after) you ovulate. These days where sex can lead to a pregnancy are called your "fertile" days. But remember that conception (where sperm meets egg) can only happen after ovulation and the egg only lives 12-24ish hours. The sperm on the other hand, can live inside you (if your body conditions are right) 3-4 days.


marielyn - November 3

oh ok thanks so much.


linds99 - November 3

An intersesting piece of information I learned on Nova was that sperm actually burrows itself in the walls of the fallopian tubes and then comes out of the walls when the egg arrives to try and fertilize the egg. This idea makes sense since women can actually ovulate on a Friday and get pregnant when she had sex on a Tuesday. (I'm referencing the fast that sperm can live waiting in the tubes for a few days). Contrary to belief that the strongest sperm actually gets to fertilize the egg, research is now finding that the egg is the one that actually decides which sperm gets to fertilize it. Interesting huh?


ginger6363 - November 3

wow, that's fascinating.


tk07 - November 4

i heard that too, that the egg decides which sperm can enter! pretty crazy, that really narrows it down doesn't it!
i saw this little cartoon video and it said the sperm sit in like a pool and wait, maybe that is what they meant, in the fallopian tubes.



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