fertility tests
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kim - June 2

hello to all whos ttc today, i would like to ask if you have to pay any money when you visit your gyne for the first time, ive been waiting 2 months to see a gyne and i would really appreciate some advice from all of you because it sounds like you all have come so far for trying for a little baby, i will keep you all in my prayers and good luck to each of you in getting pregnant soonxxxxxx


Kelly - June 2

Kim, I have to pay the co-pay on my insurance. The bill stated that an office visit was $75.00. Best wishes.


kim - June 3

TO KELLY, where are you from kelly, i live in England and ive been told the local hospital covers all the costs from any tests or ops i have so i dont need to pay a penny really, but thanks for posting me back


Chrissy - June 4

A visit is like a hundred and then u have to pay for all of the tests.



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