fertility monitor CD18 getting highs then no test?
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pdodero - January 21

I am using the clear blue easy fertility monitor. Last moth I got 1 high day 2 peak days then 1 high day. I ovulated on CD20, confirmed with bbt. This month I started testing on CD9 I have had high reading each day. today is CD18 I have taken 9 tests and it did not ask me to test today :( I should be close to Ovulating no later than Tuesday as I have EWCM and have not seen any temp rise yet. Why did the monitor not ask for a test? has this happened to anyone else? thanks for any help in advance! babydust to you all!


lovemy3 - January 22

I tried out the CBFM and never ever got a high. When I use OPKs they show surges. I have 3 kids and am ttcing #4.



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