Fertility monitor
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Lisa - September 3

Does anybody have any good experiences with the clearblue easy fertility monitor? I am getting one and I think it will help a lot in my case. I just don't want to pay $200 if they aren't accurate. And where did you purchase it. I am looking at ebay now. Let me know thanks!


kc - September 3

I have been using the monitor for 5 cycles now. It does accurately determine when you hit your lh surge, however, it does take a few months to adjust to your cycle. You also need to purchase special test strips to go along with the monitor. They were not included with mine. I purchased mine at cvs pharmacy $211.00 and the strips were $54.00 for 30.00. To save money if you decide to use the monitor. I suggest stop feeding it strips once you get a "peak" fertility symbol. The monitor always asks for strips in groups of ten. All you need to know is when you hit your peak level, so to continue feeding the machine strips is a waist of money. By doing it this way a box strips lasted me 5 cycles instead of 3. For me it was a waist of money since I did the charting and know when I ovulate anyway. I hope this helped.


mel - September 3

I just got mine off ebay. Bought it for $100 and 30 strips for $40


Jen - September 3

Hi Lisa
I bought mine in August, used it once and just found out I'm pregnant! I would says its worth the investment!
Good Luck



Lisa - September 3

Thanks for the advise! I am bidding on a few in ebay. I hope this will be the key to pregnancy!



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