Fertility Meds Question
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RainbowBJW - February 6

If you take things like Clomid, HCG shot, etc, does that totally negate OPKs as well as bodily signals of ovulation? Is the only way to tell by u/s?


Tink - February 6

i did use OPKs with clomid, but not with injectables. my first 4 months on clomid were jsut with my ob/gyn, and she just did one u/s mid cycle to see how i was responding- we did no HCG shot then. so the OPKs helped a bit then, but i really relied more on my CM etc. plus i could just tell o was coming due to cramping and o pain. Once i started IUIs with trigger shots, i stopped using OPKs since i was being monitored with tons of u/s every month and the shot was doing the ovulating for me, so we knew exactly when it was happening.



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