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luvbabies - May 7

I was on clomid for 7 cycles. My dr said that was enough if it was going to work. No luck. I have ordered Ovulex to try. Anyone had any luck with ovulex?


LIN - May 7

I honestly don't see why doctors have women do so many cycles on Clomid. I've read of so many women going through cycle after cycle on Clomid only to get pregnant on their first or second injectables cycle. I'd move on to some Follistim or Gonal-F if I were you.


jackie0214 - June 11

LIN is right. I hade never seen people on so many cycles of Clomid. I just started my treatment this month as I have not been able to get pregnant due to low progesterone levels. My treatment is only going to be for 4 months and then if it doesn't work we'll be trying something different. I am get Clomid days 3-7 of cycle and then on day 13 a progesterone shot. What you need might be the shot. These two should be done together. Maybe that's why it's not working for you. 7 cycles is too much.


faithsmummy - June 11

i have had 9 cycles of clomid with no luck yet, IVF is my next stop in the autumn.


Ky_la_02 - June 13

I've been taking Ovulex for about a week now. My husband and I have tried to get pregnant over the last year with no luck, so I decided to try something. I've heard good things about it, so I'm hoping it will work for me too.



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