Fertility Friend Says......
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canadagirl - December 24

Hi ladies how are you all doing, my original Id was trying for #3..any ways Fertility friend said I did ovulate on CD 11, so we will see. and for those of you that don't no me
here is my stats. PCOS, Messed up Tubes, 2 girls, breastfeeding and tring for number 3, I hope you ladies all the best with babies in 2006


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


sherry - December 27

good luck! i got my + surge on cd9, if you can believe that one. me and hubby bd alot, so we shall see. are both of your tubes messed up? did you have an hsg? were your tubes bad with #2? good luck


canadagirl - December 28

Hi Sherry, thanks for replying, I wish you all the best and a BFP, Well from what my fertility doc said in 2001 is that my left is block and my right don't look to good, I did have a dye test and a lap done..but needless to say I got preggo last year with no pills, I was suppose to go back for the fertility doc, to clear my tubes well I didn't I got preggo any ways, so it is really all up to God..so maybe we will both have good news next week



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