Fertility Friend problem
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Anna - November 14

am wondering if anyone has had a similar expereince using Fertility Friend. I doing my temps this month, it revealed that I ovulated on day 11 after three days of higher temps (but not an major thermal shift only a coule degress Celsius higher). Today I entered my temp (I jump of .34 degrees Celsius) and it indicated that there was something in the pattern that changed the interpretation and now the ovulation cross-hairs are gone....showing not indication of ovulation. I had all the signs eggwhite cm, and the rise in temps. For the past three days I have also been having dull af cramps. Any thoughts?


AnnaR. - November 14

Hey girl,
I don't use a fertility friend thing but i can tell you to bd every other day as soon as you notice the eggwhite cm! I wish all the luck. Baby dust....


Justine - November 14

Anna - i use fertilityfriend and haven't experienced this. just keep inputting you temp for the next couple of days and see what happens. if you're still noticing the ewcm then keep bd. isn't there also a contact email address for fertilityfriend too where you can post questions for technical and ttc related issues. good luck.


metoo - November 15

I have used fertility friend and was taking temps and also monitored regularily with ultrasounds and bloodwork. 2 months in a row it told me I had ovulated day 11 and I didnt ovulate until day 13 (I did trigger shot day 12)and knew from ultrasounds on day 11 and day 12 I had not yet ovulated. I dont trust it.


mother777 - November 15

i have a question. if your temps were low and then they go high, is that the time you are fertile, or is it before the temps go high.


Mega - November 15

Hi mother777, I'd say the most fertile time is in the day or two preceding the time the temps go high. Charting just helps pinpoint when you ovulated, after the fact. HTH.


kris - November 15

I use fertility friend and so far have not had any problems, seems to be on with what OPKs say as well. However this last month it told me I O'd on cd 14 then after posted the next few days of temp, it changed my O day to cd 15 and gave me some message that it had re-evaluated my O from my current temps. I am on Clomid and by dr says to bd every other day on cd 10-20, so that is just what we do.... also to mother777, like mega said, temping really tells you after the fact that you O'd.... your temps go down when you start AF then you will usually have a dip in you temp the day you O then your temps go back up the day after and stay up till next AF...they say once your temps stay up for 3 consecutive days you have O'd on the last lowest day..... that is how fertility friend does it and I have read on other sites about temping and they say the same thing. Good luck to everyone!


Anna - November 15

thank you for all of your help. I guess there was a greater rise a few days later which re-established ovulation at a later date. Now, the problem I think is a short luteal phase....it says I ovulated on day 14, and I have a 26 day cycle. I have started taking B6 everyday in hopes of it lengthening the lp as it claims it can do. Thanks again.


mother777 - November 17

to mega and kris: so you say if my temps was 93.5 then 93.5 then 93.5 on different days then day 4 it goes to 99.5 that means on one of those days of 93.5 i ovuatated.



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