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Daynae79 - May 21

Good morning girls. Hope everyone had a great weekend. So, i have a question. I made an appointment tomorrow to meet w/ a fertility doctor for a consultation. Just wanna get DH and myself checked out to make sure everything is as it should be. Has anyone done this before. What should we expect to happen tomorrow? Thanks in advance for your always amazing input : )


Tink - May 21

usually your first meeting with an RE will comprise of both your histories- you must share everything- previous pregnancies, m/c, abortions, problems, cycle history, STD's, health etc. They will usually review your history and see if your OB/GYN had you do any testing. If not- they will sometimes start off with basic testing- like bloodwork to check hormone levels, clomid challenge test (or they might have your track your temp for a few months first), semen analysis for your hubby (this is always done first off, no sense in treating you, if he is the 'problem'). they might also order an HSG or dye test, where they shoot dye through your tubes to see if your tubes are blocked or clear. Those are usually some of the basics, but it all depends on your history and what you think your challenge or problem is. I had already done all this testing with my GYN, so when I saw the RE, he immediately reviewed my history and test results and offered 4 recommendations or paths going forward and told us about each one and let us decide. we were told we could do the hamster test- where you have sex and come right in immediately and they test to see if DH's sperm actually makes it in- sometimes they don't or you have hostile mucus that kills them or denies them entry. Or I could have a laprascopy to check inside for endo or scar tissue (i have irregular cycles- sign of endo)....or we could do IUIs or go straight to IVF. We decided to go straight to IUIs- first with clomid, then with injectables. I did have a lap finally, after 2 failed IUIs. so that is some of what to expect. good luck- if you have diaries on your cycles- bring them.


countrymom - May 21

They should take a full history on both of you. Expect lots of personal questions. They could potentially: request a semen sample of your DH, swipe your cervix to get a sample of your cells, give you a transvaginal ultrasound, and take a blood sample. They will likely have you come back on day 2 or 3 of your cycle next month to start to monitor you and see if you develop maturee follices, whether you ovulate, and your hormone levels. Your treatment will be based on some combination of what they learn here. Also, ask for a cervical mucus test around the time of your ovulation to make sure sperm can survive in your CM. Some offices won't do this test because the practice is in question as to whether it helps or not. This ended up being my major area of difficulty. I didn't have any CM and the doctor needed to help me make more. I ended up getting pregnant right away after trying for over a year when he gave me a very simple cure for the CM.


Daynae79 - May 21

Thanks ladies, this was very helpfull


Rainbowbrite - May 21

Country mom what did he give you to help you create more cm?


countrymom - May 21

He had me start on Robitussin. It was the plain version--no letters after it. 100mg of Guaifenesin. I think he had me take 2 tsp. 3 times a day from the 3rd day of my cycle to my ovulation. I also added a couple of my own home treatments to that. Since I knew my problem was my CM I googled how I could increase it naturally. I found that grapefruit juice and salty things like popcorn can help to increase it. I don't know if the grapefruit juice and salty snacks helped but I did drink a lot of GF juice. More than likely my pregnancy was the result of the Robitussin. There was a big increase in the CM after using the medicine.



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