FERTILITY BLEND anyone else used it
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medas04 - February 12

hello ladies...newbie here....i was prego in oct and had a miscarriage at the end of november and i am devistated...me and dh want to conceive again and we want it reallly soon..like today.. we just found out his brother and his wife are prego and i just can't be happy for her i am insainly jealous....anyways..back to the fertility blend....we are both taking them....for men and woman...has anyone else used it and if so how has it worked for you???


rhonda - February 17

this is to medas04......i used fertility blend for 3 months and never got pregnant it only made me bleed alot. i stopped using it. but in april of 2004 i used a herb called fertility and got pregnant right away but miscarried in may of 2004. i recently purchased ovulex but i haven't started taking it yet.


angela0914 - March 4

I started taking fertility blend 2 months ago. The first month I went from having a very irregular period to having a perfect 28 day period. This is my second month taking it and I think I might be pregnant. I have been doing the home ovulation tests for 4 days now, and they continue to stay positive past 36 hours, I hope that means I am pregnant. If so, I give credit to fertility blend!


medas04 - March 4

if you have a positive opk for more than 36hrs it could mean your pregnant??



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