Fertility Blend
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Looking into trying - July 20

Is anyone taking Fertility Blend? If so, has it made your cycles more regular? What type of infertility do you have ie. PCOS


kim - July 21

I don't know what this is exactly, but I have heard of it. What does it have in it. I would suggest trying something like Estroven or New Phase they are for menopause, but have natural plant estrogens and progestrogens in them that help you regulate your hormones. It worked for me, 2 1/2 years with no period, took them for 3 months had a period and conceived my son.


To Kim - July 22

Thank you so much! I will have to try that!


taylor - November 1

i tried it the first day of my period oct11 2005, it made my period stop after 4 days very weird for me i usually 6 or 7 days it made me ovulate early had spotting for a week got my period very early this month i usually a 31 day cycle so im not going to use it anymore


taylor - November 1

also talk to my doctor last night she said it though my body off weck so i going to use my clear blue easy monitor it work in the past its alot of money but it doesnt make you think why am bleeding something wrong i was so scared also it made me feel like i was preg me and my husband was so excited it made my nipples get dark and wide cramps , my daughter was so excited maybe i shouldnt open my mouth but i thought well that was so soon but today i got my period well back to the drawing broad maybe this will be the month !!!!



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