Fertility at your own Risk?
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Looking for Info - November 3

A few months back i went through a consultation with my OB/Gyn about getting pregnant. She had just did my yearly checkup and tests, we talked about how long ive been married, wanting a child, the usual. She put me on provera. Said to come back after the 10 day supply and she would prescribe the Clomid. I have PCOS. Family issues arose, and i never made it back for the Clomid. My question is this. Since she was going to prescribe it to me, do you think that i could actually order it off medmex.com and take it? Friends have told me it is the same, and they verified it with their doctor. Im sure many women on this board have tried it from this site too. My question is since i was going to be prescribed Clomid can i skip having to see her again and take the provera? Wait til my next period and take it the 3-7 days she would have given me? Let me know your opinions please. Also, anyone with stories of Clomid that was ordered online? Success or failure?
Thank You


dear looking - November 3

when you are on clomid you should also be monitored with ultrasounds and possibly also bloodwork as you are more susepible to problems arising that you wouldnt ordinarily be prone to on a cycle without meds. I would not recomment doing it without doctors supervising. I've been on it 2 cycles and it causes thinnning of your lining so if it gets too thin you wont get pregnant (or wont be able to hold the pregnancy) and they had to cut my amount in 1/2. Please do it in conjunction with your doctor.


Ditto - November 5

I agree with the above. It does thin out your lining and that needs to be checked so they can prescribe meds to thicken it other wise the egg will have nowhere to implant. It also carries higher risks of getting cysts and over stimulating your ovaries. I do not suggest taking it on your own. Would you do that with any other serious drug? Clomid is the one fertility drug that is not just a hormone so please think this through.



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