Fertility and bodyweight
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DC - July 31

Does anyone know much about the impact of bodyweight on fertility? I have a 20 month old ds and af never returned after having him. The only thing that has changed is I am 10 pounds lighter than prepregnancy (5"7" 115 pounds) If I knew gaining weight would help I would be all over having icecream and fries all summer, but don't want to gain weight just for the sake of it. has anyone been through this?


Tracy88 - July 31

I have not been through what you are experiencing, but have some general ideas on what you could do. I am around the same weight as you are, and within the last 6 months I have started to take Omega 3's and eat Olive oil, etc....good fats that your body needs for proper cell growth. I think that would be a great place for you to start since your body needs fat, just not the type of fats found in fries and ice cream. With the "good" fats, weight gain doesn't usually occur because your body utilizes them instead of storing them. I take a supplement called "Udo's Choice Oil Blend" It has Flax, Sunflower, and Sesame Oils and was recommended by my nutritionist who also knows I am trying to get healthy but also pregnant. Hope this helps. I have actually lost weight since starting the plan my nutritionist put me on, and my cholesterol has actually gone down 50 points as well.


DC - July 31

Thanks Tracy
I will try that,it sounds like a much more sensible plan. I was having a hard time getting my head around trying to gain weight by eating unhealthy food to improve fertility. I was actually considering seeing a nutritionist as well so I may just do that it seems to have worked well for you :)


Tracy88 - July 31

I don't think eating unhealthy food is productive for even fertility. I now eat all organic foods, no preservatives, not a lot of sugar, and I stay far away from dairy because I have developed an allergy to it. I think if you eat right, oxygenate (exercise), and take the proper supplements, a healthier body will help with getting pregnant. A certain amount of body fat is eesential for proper hormone function, but unless you run marathons, etc....chances are you probably have enough body fat. I would see the nutritionist if I were you so they can measure your body fat. Have you had your hormone levels checked lately through your gynecologist? If not, do that too. The only way I knew my cholesterol went down was because I went in for a physical and had a CBC with my regular MD, then went in 6 months later to do it again. Give it a shot!


diem - July 31

Tracy, Ir sounds as if you are a very health concious person. Props! But being underweight,...even a few pounds CAN effect fertility. I have been looking into this issue as I am very weight conscious myself. If it means gaining an extra few pounds to get pg...do it. It sounds like you'd loose the extra weight right away anyway! good luck and baby dust to you!!!


Tracy88 - July 31

Trust me, my bodyfat percentage is not an issue. lol..... I may not weigh a whole lot, but I have fat! My trainer measured me when I started at over 30%bodyfat. I am out of shape and age 36, just not heavy. I agree with you though, being underweight is counterproductive. If I thought I needed to gain some weight or body fat, I would. The baby is the most important result, not how much weight I gain. I am just a naturally tiny person, as are others.



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