Fertility and being overwieght
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SusanM - April 25

I have a close friend who has been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Since she has been trying, both myself and another one of our close friends got pregnant after only trying for a few months. She is 5'2" and weighs 215lbs, I think this is part of her problem. Just wondering if being overwieght impacts fertility just like being severly underwight does. I really want to help her find some answers, I can imagine how she is feeling right now. Any input would be appreciated.


Melissa - April 25

Hi Susan. Being overweight does impact fertility just as much as being underweight. The first thing she should try to do is lose a couple of pounds. Especially if her periods are irregular.


Milissa - April 25

O ya' being overwieght plays a big role!! I know some women who had to lose before they could...and as soon as they got healthy well bang!! so good luck to all of you and your friend I know the feeling!!!!miss


SusanM - April 25

thanks for your answers guys, how much weight do you think she would have to lose? Her periods are irregular and actually she is not even ovulating. Right now her doctor gave her a fertility drug and something to bring on ovulation, but he has not suggested anything else, like losing weight.


Milissa - April 25

Of course not, they want to give the drugs...thats always the answer.. see what the average wieght is for 5'2"..


a - April 26

I have an awsome program for anyone whos interested in weight loss, pre or post natal. I started it on 4/7, and am already down at least 10lbs. And it's real easy too. If anyone's interested, you can email me direct at [email protected]. I have another friend who has been told by the Dr to loose, in order to help her out.


$$ - April 26

Is is something you have to buy or a do-it-yourself?? Can't take pills.


Melissa - April 26

In everything I've read she needs to get her BMI down to the healthy range (you can look up BMI online) and it should help even regulate her periods.


ali - April 27

Susan i have the same issue as your friend but i weigh 210 5'5 and have irregular periods i use to weigh 170 so i gained 30lbs over a couple of years me and my husband have been trying to conceive can anyone help me ?



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