FertiliTea--Anyone using this?
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??? - July 20

I was wondering if anyone here has tried the FertiliTea? Has it helped your cycles? Does is taste ok? I am very tempted to try it, but just wanted some feed back before purchasing it! Thanks so much!


to ??? - July 22

What exactly is FertiliTea?


Anna - July 23

I've never used Fertilitea before, but all the ingredients are known to help with the conception process. Check out http://fertilitea.com/herbal-fertility.htm for some good info. Hope this helps and good luck! ***BABY DUST***


KATIE - July 28

I bought some, and used some of it. It tastes so-so. I agree though, a lot of the ingredients are recommended in a book that I am reading on ttc and chinese medicine. The Infertility Cure, if you're interested.


Katie - July 28

You could try it with honey, that would be good. I bought some blackberry honey with royal jelly. It is tasty and the royal jelly is supposed to be good for fertility as well.


merlee - July 28

I tried Fertilitea for a short time. It tasted fine with honey. But I find it hard to always have time to drink the tea 3x day, so I got red raspberry herbal supplements and I am already taking vitex. I also got the book Infertility cure and I love it. I hope it will help us to conceive. I am doing acupressure (acupunture costs too much for me) and am trying to figure out what herbs I am supposed to take. Katie, how long have you been using the "infertility cure"?



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