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holly_gail - June 10

Has anyone ever taken this? Did it work well? I am thinking about taking it but I don't see a place with instructions on it. I did find one place that said drink 3 cups a day for a month and then whenever you find out you are pregnant to stop. So I don't know. Should I give it a shot? I just don't want to waste my money if it isn't even going to work. I've been trying to get preg for a long time now, like a year, but I don't want to go to a specialists because I don't have the thousands of dollars it will take just to figure out what is wrong with me. Any help would be great.


Jaqi - June 10

I've never used it...scared too...lol I have bad luck! Some RE's will let you pay little by little sometimes. I'm having to save money because my insurance does not cover IVF. So, I know the feeling about trying everything!


jojo33 - August 7

go to the doc and see if you have PCSOor insulin resistance metformin will help if you do



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