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jessica21 - June 8

what do you think i should do. i still have not got my period yet. i stop drinking the tea. i only had pain for that one day. do you think i should take anothe test? and when should i take the test ?what do you thing i should do.i don't know what to do. i have not told my boyfriend any thing yet because i don't want him to get happy because he thinks im pregnant and then it end up that im not . but im going to wait one more week and if i don't get my period ,i am going to call my dr and till here that i am two week late. what do you think? thanks for talking to me


linds99 - June 8

How long are your cycles? And when is AF actually due? Are you actually late and how many days late? What was the date you had "the pain" keep in mind that just because you have lower pelvic pains, studies show that the release of the egg generally happens about 1-2 days after those pains in many cases. I noticed with myself I get pains starting 2 days before I ovulate according to my temps and monitor/sticks.


jessica21 - June 9

well me cycle between 33-36 days.i am week late today. i had the pain on 6-6-06. on the internet their is a calculator .its call.. mymonthlycycles.com.is cool. check it out its free..


linds99 - June 9

So you were expecting AF on June 3..got the pains when you were three days late. I think you need to take a pregnancy test, it would show if you are. If it comes out negative, I believe you need to see your gyn, to take a blood test and investigate why you have the pains cause it could be a cyst(s). (My cycles are 33-36 days...I was just diagnosed with subset of PCOS...I get lower pelvic pains before AF...one of the reasons why I wanted to find out what is up with me.)


jessica21 - June 9

what is pcos? when i get home im going to take a test. well i was expecting it on june 2. do you think its still soon? to tell if i am or if im not?


jessica21 - June 9

do you have kids? how old are you if you don't me asking?


linds99 - June 9

You indicated you are a week late today, so I took that as you expecting AF on June 3, one week ago? I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom, it is basically a metobolic/insulin disorder that causes cysts on the ovaries to form (multiple egg follicles instead of one). I think for sure that if you test, you would get a correct answer. I have no kids, I am 29, but been trying since last November....



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