fertile window
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jamia aka mia - February 27

now i have trying to figure out how to determine when my fertile window opens and closes. but i just cant get it. so mi question it. " HOW DA HECK DO U DETERMINE UR FERTILE WINDOW???" and just n case you need to kno my periods are unpredictable i never kno when im goin to have them the next month.


newmommy - February 28

If your cycles are unpredictable, then there really isn't a set number of days for your fertile window. I would definitely start charting (read Taking Charge of Your Fertility---it's THE BEST book), checking cervical fluid, and using opk's. It's really helped me since my cycles are really long and often unpredictable. The book has so much information, and it's really easy reading. I really resisted the charting until my doctor told me to do it, but I now would feel lost without it. It has really helped. But the opk's would tell you a narrow window of when you may be ovulating. The problem is, if your cycles are unpredictable, you may have to use a lot of them before detecting your surge. Good luck!



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