Fertilaid/Vitex question
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Dina - June 18

I don't have any problems ovulating on my own but I think I have a really long luteal phase...17 or 18 days! Will Vitex help? Will it help me get pregnant or will it just mess up my cycles even more? I'd love any advice you ladies have!!!


Dina - June 18

Anyone know anything about vitex or fertilaid? Please help!!!


Alissa - June 18

Sorry dina I don't know much..but I do know that vitex has helped a lot of women with there cycles..I have a very long cycles and they are usually 41 days so I have been looking for something and I'm going to go to GNC and see what they know about it... good luck


merlee - June 18

Dina and Alissa, Hi. Vitex helps if you have a short LP, I'm don't think a long LP is a problem. I have been looking at a website tryingtoconceive.com. It has info about herbals. also babyzone.com has some good info. My experience is that GNC doesn't know anything other than bodybuilding or weightloss formulas. Good luck to you both.



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