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Brandi-Lynn - May 17

Has anyone used or heard of Fertil-Aid? I was on the internet reading more about Vitex and i came across Fertil-Aid and read about it and sounds like a good product to help balance hormones and increase chances of concieving.


desiree747 - May 28

i heard the same thing. but let me know if it works becasue i have some and i dont take it regularly. but if it does work i will . please let me know.


TracyR - May 29

I'll keep you girls posted. I just got a 3 month supply of FertilAid and I started it on Saturday. If I get a period while taking this I'll be very impressed! I have PCOS and literally don't have my period unless I am medicated to do so! Wish me luck!


Young Mama - June 22

Hello ladies! I just recieved a 4 month supply of Fertilaid, but I won't start using it til July 1st....I haven't had a regular period w/o meds also....will let you know!


MrsIke - June 22

Hi ladies, i bought a bottle of fertileaid too. however i came across a website for fertilityblend, which imo sounded better, but was basically along the lines of fertileaid. I went w/fertilityblend since they sell it at my local GNC store. What about that ovulex.....has anyone read that site up on the left hand corner???


Young Mama - June 22

Hey MrsIke, well on other forums I've seen many complaints about it doesn't work or it's not worth the $, plus it costs a lot more that Fertilaid...I wouldn't bet my money on something that "may" work as opposed to the claim that it's guaranteed...


wantanotheraftertr - June 23

Good morning all. I actually took fertility blend from GNC for a few weeks and stopped taking it after I ovulated. I am now 15 weeks pregnant. I'm pretty sure it helped I took clomid the month before and m/c and had a huge cyst because of the clomid. I then took the fertility blend b/c I couldn't take the clomid. I think it all depends on your body what it will do best with. Good luck to you all!


TracyR - June 24

Well I posted before and I started taking FertilAid at the end of May... I was skeptical because I have PCOS and literally do not have my period without BCP's or provera. Well I started having all sorts of pain in my ovaries (esp my left one) like when I would have a cyst rupture, but much more constant... painful but not excrutiating. I was wondering if the FertilAid was working some magic in my dysfunctional ovaries but I didn't get my hopes up. I just took the FertilAid faithfully! The last few days I have been an eating maching, but also had some slight nausea and backaches... all symptoms that I would get when I was about to get my period... But I didn't clue in. Well tonight I just got home from a staff BBQ (with 2 pregnant women there... kinda depressing) and I went to the bathroom... Well when I wiped I got some blood... not a huge amount... but it's definately significant I'd say!!! So I'll keep you ladies posted about if this really is AF or not... But if it is... This stuff is amazing! It did what 3 cycles of increasing doses of Clomid and 2 cycles of high dose Letrozole could not do! My husband pointed out that it is weird that I am so happy when this means that I am not pregnant! But it means that I probably ovulated and if that happens... then maybe I can get pregnant!!! So exciting!!!
As for one brand of herbal product over another, well I read the Ovulex website and I was really not impressed with their 'sales technique'. If they have to try that hard to sell it then I didn't think that I want that product! I was much more impressed with the FertilAid website! And maybe for good reason!!! I'll keep you posted ladies!!!


TracyR - June 24

Well... It appears that I spoke too soon about getting my period. AF is a no show so far. Hmmm...


tanner789 - June 24

tracy r-sorry to jump into this conversation but how do you know the bleeding you were having wanst implantation bleeding were you having sex for a few weeks already that it may be?


TracyR - June 25

Tanner... I'd like to think that that is what it is. We definately BD'd at the right time... But I am afraid of getting my hopes up again. I do appreciate the positive thinking! Thanks!!! I'll let you know if you are right.


BeardMan21 - November 10

Just tried p-boost after reading some reviews about it. Worked good but pretty pricey. The trial was free but you have to pay for the shipping which was quick. Anyone know any coupon codes for p-boost.com?


wbloom - November 22

Does anybody know if Fertilaid can cause menstrual like cramping? I have PCOS and was wondering how you can tell if Fertilaid is working. I started taking it about 18 days ago and so far no period. I have been reading that you should take your tempature to check for ovulation, but how would I know what day to start since I never have periods on my own thus not being in a cycle of any kind. Any anwers will be appreciated!


carlababy - December 14

i think it does cause some cramping, i started taking it 2 weeks ago and been haveing light cramping like i would start my period but no period yet not sure if maybe its ovulation pain in the ovary or what, but i dont know cuz i cant have a normal period unless im put on bc or juice fasting so hopfully this regulates me.. i have the same prob cant take temp when you dont have period to start with..


wbloom - December 16

I'm now on the second bottle of Fertilaid. NO period so far, but some odd twinzes in my ovaries and slight cramping every so often. Has anybody started having regular periods on Fertilaid and also has pcos?


wbloom - December 16

OH, and I've noticed the hair growth on my chin has slowed down, so obviously the Fertilaid is doing something?



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