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Christina - July 9

Hello! I have been ttc for almost 8 months now but for the past week I decided to try the fern scope. On the 4th of July it said I would be ovulating in 3-4 days and since then I have seen ferns when I test. Has anyone else used the fern scope and got pregnant????


kc - July 11

I have used the fern scope along with carting cm cp and temp. and using ovulation kits. It did work to determine my ovulation pattern. You have to used it the sametime everyday. I used it in the morning when I first woke up. However I have been ttc for 14 months with a mc in april. It took two years with my first due to endo. So keep using it. It can not make you get pg. It will increase your chances if you know the good days. I hope this helps


Binx - July 11

I have used it for the first time this month, and I found it to be very reliable. I had ferns for about six days straight, but stronger, more pronounced ones near the day that I believed I ovulated. I don't think it will give you an exact day, but if you see ferns...get bding!!! I should find out this week if I get a BFP, so I will let you know what the outcome is!


Christina - July 11

Thanks Kc & Binx!! Its still showing that Im ovulating when with more and more dots on its though. So probably tomorrow its just going to show dots or something. Good Luck Binx! Keep us updated!!!! And baby dust to all!!!!


Binx - July 14

OK girls...I tested yesterday and got a very very faint positive! I am going to test tomorrow to see if the line is darker, because I have a hard time believing it until I see it darker! Anyhow, if it is for sure a BFP, I will let you know the "tricks" I used this month because I tried some new things and I think they worked. Look for my post here tomorrow. Good luck girls! ~baby dust~


bump - July 15



Chrissy - July 15

Binx keep us updated on how everything turned out. I wish you the best of luck:) I will be able to test to see if Im pregnant on 8-4 or sooner. I just dont want to test to earlier.


Binx - July 15

Girls, I have bad news. I tested again this morning and BFN. I did a First Response early test and a test strip from early-pregnancy-tests.com. Both negative. I am sooooo disappointed :o( I really thought this was it! At least my DH saw the positive test the other day so I am not totally crazy and imagining things!!! Do you guys think I may have had a chemical pregnancy? That's the only explanation I can think of. Please send me some baby dust to cheer me up...thanks.


Chrissy - July 16

Binz, Im soooo sorry. I know how you feel though:-( Try to cheer up and keep trying. Lots of baby dust ur way....



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