Femera Ladies please help!!!!!!
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baby4me00 - December 12

I took femera 3-7 lp is usually 11days ..consistantly ...I am 13dpo now took hpt this morning Bfn Does femera make you cycle late I o'd on cycle day 17 got positive opk on cd15... can anyone tell me what going on? on the day I was suppose to start I had af cramps but no af


montie75 - December 13

baby4me00 - Hello sweetie. Last month was my very first cycle with Femara. I was taking 5mg days 3-7. I had my u/s on cd 12 and received my trigger on cd13 which made me ovulate on cd15. I too was late starting my cycle. (only 3 days though) I have found that when using fertility medication, AF is usually late. I have just finished my second round of femara with my u/s scheduled for this Friday. (cd12) I am not sure if I have helped you...........however I wish you TONS OF LUCK on your journey!!


ginger6363 - December 13

I took femara in october and my lp was 10 days (that is normal for me) but when I took it in november my lp increased to 14 days (of course BFN) and I even had elevated temps!!! Montie is right, meds can really mess with your cycle.



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