Femera and early period??? Please HELP
2 Replies
eb - October 16

Anyone taking Femera have an early period?? This is my first month taking Femera and I'm not sure if af is 5/6 days early or if this is impantation bleeding.


Sandy - October 16

i had spotting 6 days after ovulation my 1st cycle with Femara...then i had my regular af which all i did was spot for 4 days and now on my second cycle with Femara...it could be implantion bleeding...i thought mine was but the nurse said for me to wait until it was time for af and if it didn't come take a ptest...good luck i hope this helps....


eb - October 17

I spoke with re today and he said femera should not make af come early. Just incase anyone else has this problem



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