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LMS - February 25

Anyone that has been taking Femara, how long did it take you to O? I'm on cd14 now.


SashaP - February 25

This month was my first month on Femara I O'd on cd 11. I'm on cd 27 now.


ella - February 25

First month on Femara and I O on day 14.


Lynn - February 25

second month taking femara and I also do a trigger shot whcih dh gave me at 5pm. It is cd 13 for me.


jcr - February 26

1st time using it hcg cd18, 0'd cd 19 or 20. Hi Sasha and Lynn!!! Hoping it is lucky for all of you!!


LMS - February 26

Thanks everyone for your response. I really hopes it works the first time for me and all of you. Good luck and best wishes.


SashaP - February 26

Hey jcr how are you feeling today?


LMS - February 26

I'm on cd15 now and am doing OPK. The result is still negative but I'm having ovulation symptoms like cramping on my right abdominal side and heavy ewcm. How long does thes symptoms typically last until you get a +on your OPK?


LMS - February 26

jcr...did you get the hcg shot to induce your ovulation or during? My doctor told me to take it when I ovulate.


SashaP - February 26

I had to use bbt along with opk to confirm my O. I got false + with opk's from cd 4 on.


jcr - February 26

I took it just before ovulation. Re did ultrasound to make sure follicles were ready then hcg shot. Worked 1st time for me! Goodluck! Sasha, I am feeling pretty good, just tired and craving meat pies!! How about you? Any sign of the hag? How are your temps? Do you hear from your Doctor tomorrow? Lynn legs up girl!!! Bellyrubs.


SashaP - February 26

jcr I'm having af symptoms. The only thing I haven't had is spotting the day before. Since December I've spotted for a couple of hours the day before af arrives always in the morning. I've been like clockwork since dec. spotting for a couple of hours it stops and I start my period the next morning. My temps are back up in the 98's. But I got another bfn this morning. We'll find out tomorrow either from the dr or af. Baby dust......



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