Femara (letrozole) -- Bring questions & comments here!!!
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Cleveland Rocks - August 25

If you are on Femara (letrozole) then please use this thread to post any questions, comments, concerns HERE!
I am beginning my 4th round of Femara this week. So far, no luck... how about you?


Danadane - August 25

Hi Cleveland,

Thank you for starting this thread. I have done Femara for two rounds, but I think I am going to take a break for round 3. I started spotting at 6 dpo this month. I am now 10 dpo and still lightly spotting. I guess I am slightly thinking that it is the letrozole... or maybe after this long ttc I am getting paranoid. I have read so many sites that say it may not help someone who is already ovulating- which I am so I just don't know anymore. Once AF begins, i will have 2 days to decide. What do you think? Have you noticed any unusual patterns in your cycle? How long have you been ttc?Thanks again...


Cleveland Rocks - August 25

Hi Danadade, my RE had me do one cycle on clomid for a "clomid challenge test" -- basically to see if I responded by taking bloodwork on day 3 and day 10. I did, so he wanted to immediately switch me to femara for the next cycle. I insisted on another round of clomid, however, b/c no one had told DH and I that we had to BD till CD20 and I was out of town for a week so we missed a lot of those days of the cycle. Anyway -- will begin my 4th round of femara tomorrow, CD3. From what I hear, it's supposed to be better than clomid... my RE is head of infertility at the Cleveland Clinic, so I do trust him that he should know!
As for spotting: I cannot say whether yours is related to the letrozole. I can tell you that I began to have irregular bleeding beginning 2 to 3 dpo since November 2007. I've had that happen for every cycle, except the two I was on clomid! This last cycle we did our #1 IUI then progesterone suppositories beginning 3dpiui, until this weekend when my HPTs were all BFN and I had to discontinue. So...in my case, the progesterone stopped my spotting finally. Other than that, I ovulate on my own, but my RE put me on the meds to stimulate "better" ovulation...


Danadane - August 26

I ovulate on my own too... my RE said letrozole would give me a "boost" since we were trying for a year vain with my endo. We are moving on to an iui in oct. I am going to talk to my doc about the prog sups. At this point I will try just about anything. Is this your first time ttc?


Erin_thenurse - August 26

Cleveland, I am on my first round of femara with IUI this month after 4 rounds of clomid. I am taking the provera right now and am waiting on AF. We have been ttc for 18 months now. My problem is anovulation, I don't ovulate on my own without meds. I had horrible hot flashes with clomid, which were worse with each dose. I would like to have had FSH injections along with the femara but my dr didn't agree since the protocol for anovulation is just the femara. If I had unexplained infertility, they would be able to prescribe FSH injections to increase the follicles. I am interested about how femara has effected people and if it has been effective to induce pregnancy. Good luck this cycle. Which cd are you?


Cleveland Rocks - August 27

Hi Erin, I remember you from the cycle buddies early threads. I don't think you post there anymore? AF just arrived so today is CD3. It is disappointing b/c I had my first IUI this past cycle, and was hoping against odds for a BFP. It took more effort to do IUI than we had to do before in just ttc on our own, so hoping we were done ttc but -- alas! It didn't take. The success rate is between 5 and 25% each try... Took my first dose of femara this morning. CD3. am on 5 mg so take 2 tablets at once. What dose are you on?


Cleveland Rocks - August 27

Is provera the brand name for progesterone suppositories?


Cleveland Rocks - August 27

Hi danadane, my story is that DH and I easily conceived DS in '06 (he's 21 months old now.) We started trying for #2 last July (I'm 35.) All sorts of issues this time around! I was diagnosed w/ hypothroidism, I have spotting beginning 2 to 3 dpo every cycle, and DH had two semen analyses run recently that showed abnormalities with morphology and motility. Hence, the move towards IUI for us. Weird that we had 0 problems the first go-around, and now can't conceive a sibling for Jack to save our lives! What about you?


Danadane - August 27

Our dd is 5yrs- we went of bcp and next month bfp! Last June we started ttc again for #2. After four months, i just "knew" that something was wrong. We went to my ob/gyn, got referred to an RE and a specialist, got an hsg (all clear), dh got SA (motility, morph and count were all very good) then went for a diag lap in April/08. Stage 2-3 endo. Removed in second lap in June/08. Three cycles ttc now w/o endo (two cycles on femara 2.5 mg). No bfp yet. I think I am going to do one more cycle on femara (up it to 5 mg) then in Oct we can move to iui. How come you did not do your iui with injectibles? Or did you?


Erin_thenurse - August 27

Yes, I used to post on cycle buddies, in fact I started cycle buddies. I stopped posting on any forum for while because I was just getting too overwhelmed with ttc. I wish you the best with your IUI this. I am also doing 5mg of femara and a trigger shot of hcg, Ovidrel. I will probably start AF tomorrow. I'll be a few cd behind you. We were suppose to do an IUI last month but I didn't ovulate with the last dose of clomid. Provera is progesterone pills that are like bcp and make you start AF when you don't start yourself.


Cleveland Rocks - August 28

Hi danadane, wow you've been through a lot, two laps recently. I took 2.5 mg of femara the first cycle I was on it, but this will be my 3rd cycle at 5 mg CD3-7. I don't need injectibles or the HCG trigger because I ovulate regularly on my own, always have. I swear by the OPKs. It seems to me that our challenge is DH's morphology. From what I've read online, when it's as low as his is (his was 3% then 1% Kruger), IUI may be fruitless, we may eventually have to move on to IVF. I sound pessimistic, but it's just what I've read. You don't need injectibles, do you?


Cleveland Rocks - August 28

Erin, did AF arrive? You'll be starting femara very, very soon if so. I don't think I had any side effects, although I felt lethargic sometimes?? Hard to say if it was a result of the drug. I am usually a very happy and upbeat person, but AF has turned me into a downer this week, I swear! She should be gone tomorrow... and for the next 9 months I HOPE!!!


elliemae - August 28

ok stupid question but Im new but exactly what does bfp stand for I can guess what it means but is making me crazy trying to figure out initials. lol


amy2008 - September 8

I'm hoping someone can help with my question about letrozole. I don't have any trouble getting pregnant but can't seem to hold onto any of them. I've had 4 miscarriages (2 were chemical and 2 were later first trimester and required D&Cs). I have been diagnosed as homozygous for MTHFR and am on Folgard and baby aspirin and will go on lovenox and progesterone when I get pregnant. My question is--this is my first monitored letrozole cycle and I went in for my CD 11 scan and they saw 4 good follicles (3 were really good and 1 might catch up) but my lining was very thin (3.7). They have put me on estradiol but is that too thin to make it worth trying? I really want to try this cycle but not if it will set me up for failure again.


rizzoh - September 8

Hi. I too am on Femara for the 1st clycle after 4 cycles on Clomid then a m/c at 4 mns. So, here we go again. I am 1/2 way through in the 2WW but don't want to get my hopes up too high. The doc put me on 7.5 mgs for day 3-7. What is everyone else on? Oh BFP means big fat positive.


amberNmarcus - September 13

Hello, quick background, we have been ttc for 2 years with medical intervention and charting 4 years total. I have done 6 rounds of chlomid and never been pregnant. We took one cycle off and are supposed to try femara this cycle. However, I have only been spotting very lightly for the last 7 days. I am up to cd36 (usually average 32) and still barely spotting. I have taken three hpt all bfn. My question is, should I keep waiting to start an actual flow or start the femara now. My doctor is on vacation OF COURSE!


drugsbank - December 1

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