Femara for pregnancy
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Lorean - May 16

I have PCOS and spent 3 months on Clomid with no response and terrible side effects. Then a failed in vitro due to overhyperstimulation. RE changed me to 2 2.5 Femara and I got pregant first time. My "Femara"baby is now 10 months old-it is a miracle drug!!


Dee - May 19

I took femara last month and I did not get pregnant and I am about to start on my second dosage...What are the possibilities of getting pregnant and some success stories with others who have taken this drug?


Jen - May 19

I have been on clomid for six months. My most recent cycle I was at 150mg plus 500mg metformin (it was supposed to be 1500mg, but the side effects were so severe that the doctor reduced it to 500mg). Just had my ultrasound and no decent-sized follicles, so the doc wants to try Femara or Tamoxifen. Has anyone tried Tamoxifen or does anyone know what the difference is between Femara and Tamoxifen?


Amy - May 20

After taking clomid for months and not ever developing mature follicles (i have pcos), my new doc put me on femara and we ended up having to cancel the cycle the first round because of TOO MANY mature follicles (11)......I was also receiving follistim injections....the next cycle we'll cut back on the injections..good luck


Melody - June 8

I am on my second month of femara. As soon as I become pregnant I'll let you know. I have high hopes and reading all of these stories similar to mine is helpful and nice to know I'm not alone. Because going through these fertility problems definitely makes you seem alone. I'll be back soon with good new.


marsha edwards - June 10

yes, people take famara


marsha edwards - June 10



Mary - July 16

I just finished my first cycle of Femara, I had folicles on my u/s although they were all under 8 - not sure what all that means. I go for another u/s and lab work in a couple days I hope it is good news. We have been ttc for 3 years. Any info on this would be great. Good luck to all.


J - July 24

Hello all! I have been ttc for 4 years and am thinking of calling my ObGyn Monday and seeing about getting on Femara. We are experiencing unexplained fertility right now. I just don't know much about these drugs. What are the side effects of taking Femara or Clomid? I won't end up with 6 babies would I? Do they cause weight gain or bad mood swings? How about cysts? Thx!


A - August 2

I was just prescribed Femara today. I have been on clomid for 8 mths did IUI and got pregnant but miscarried at 6 wks. I hope the Femara works. Does anyone know the side effect of Femara?


Omayra - August 12

Hi I have a miscarriage two years ago and until the moment I cant get pregnant again, I received treatment with clomid together with gonal for the last months and my follicules responds but I didnt get pregnant. The doctor recomend for this cycle femara, I hope this function in my and in all of you.


Amanda - August 19

Hey all, I was so glad to find this site. I also was told I had pcos and am not overweight. I was on Clomid for 3 cycles and never produced follicles that matured, then my OBGYN sent me to an infertility doctor. He put me on femara (2.5) right off and blood work showed that I ovulated. I just finished my 3rd round and should have started yesterday. I took a pregnancy test this morning and negative. I haven't had any side effects, and thus far I seem to be ovulating without any additional drugs. Is there anyone who was/is on femara alone and conceived after 3 cycles or more?


Ashley - August 21

You all give me hope. I have pcos as well with no weight issues but have tried three clomid trials, hysterosalpingogram, ovarian drilling, and hysteroscopy. I've been taking metformin for 2 months and tomorrow I take my first Femara. Wish us luck! Good luck to you all!


Dianne - August 23

Hi everyone. I'm really glad I found this site. I am on my first cycle of Femara after 3 cycles of Clomid and 2 cycles of injections with no luck. The side effects of Clomid were awful, but so far so good with Femara. I am also taking Metformin. Can anyone tell me why weight is a factor when you're on these drugs???? It seems that lots of people on this site are commenting that they have PCOS with no weight problem???? Just wondering why this matters? Thanks.


Amanda - August 23

Dianne, I'm not sure why/if there is a correlation between weight gain and infertility drugs, however I do know(from researching PCOS through the internet and questioning doctors) that weight gain or inability to loose weight is one of many symptoms of PCOS, something to do with an inbalance between glucose and insulin, I'm not a doctor but this is just what I've found out. I hope it helps in answering your question.


Dianne - August 25

Amanda, thanks for answering my question. That's helpful!



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