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AlisonG - April 5

Good morning everyone,

I really hope that we can start a string here because I'd love to talk with other people TTC and using Femara. I just finished with my first round of Femara / Letrozole and started on estrogen pills last night to thicken my lining (thin lining is our problem). I read this EXTREMELY long post on Femara and really followed jcr and SashaP's experiences.

I am curious how many people on this board now have gotten BFPs on Femara. I think the stuff is making me totally NON-fertile. Even though the chemistry is right (good estradiol and 1 VERY mature 2 somewhat mature follicles at cd8 u/s), I am not into it at ALL this month!

We should have bd'ed last night for SURE and even this morning and I didn't want to do it. I know that Femara blocks estrogen so maybe thats why.

Anyway - I have another u/s today (cd9) because they think that my 1 mature one will release early and want to give me an u/s and hcg injection today. At least I didn't totally miss the window. I just hope I get more into it soon.

We have been TTC #3 for 10 months now. We have two boys (4.5 and 3) and had no problems conceiving.

I am diagnosed with secondary infertility / Hashimoto's thyroiditis as well.


Lucky717 - April 7

No luck for me yet on Femara. I've had 4 cycles on it and about to start my 5th. We are moving to IVF due to endo. I do like Femara better then Clomid because I don't have any of the side effects like hot flashes, moodiness, depression, etc. GOod luck!


sunshine7610 - April 8

Hi AlisonG. I am using femara as well. I'm on my second month of it. I'm 16 dpo. I'm wondering if it's lengthening my luteal phase. I just posted a question about that but I'll ask it here too. Do you find that it lengthens your lp as well? Last month it was 17 days long. Do you chart at all?


tonyaandjoe - April 28

i will be taking femara next month.hopefully i will be pg. i wished to talk to people who has used it and gotten pg.



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