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eb - September 27

Anyone have any info on femara? I just started taking this today.


eb - September 28



Sandy - September 30

well i took it this month so far nothing...no side affect...a little tired but other than that fine....how long have you been trying ? good luck


eb - September 30

we've been trying for 14 months. This is my first month on femera . I also had a lap done for endo and tubes this month. I've had some hot flashes and moody but not too bad. How long have you been trying?


Sandy - October 1

I have been trying for 4 years....and i had just found out i pcos my ob/gyn was clueless...lol...thats why i went to the fertiltiy specialist....i should start my 2nd round this week i hope...do you have any kids?


eb - October 2

I have a step daughter that just turned 6 last weekend.I've read good things about femera and my specialist seemed to think it would do the trick. Hopefully it will work for us I took my last pill today . I am on CD9 so I will start testing for ovulation tomorrow.


Sandy - October 2

what day did you start taking femara after you cycle are during? i took mine four day after i started my cylcle and then took 5 pills...i o on the 13 day...good luck eb


eb - October 3

I took mine on days 5-9 . Yesterday was my last day so I am check for ovulation using spit scope, and test sticks starting tomorrow. Good luck to you too. Lets stay in touch.



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