Fellow Canadians?
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thayward7 - July 17

Just wondering if there were any fellow Canadians on this site. I am on my third IUI using clomid, metformin and hCG trigger.


soimpatient - July 17

I'm Canadian...from Toronto...on my second dose of clomid...the first dose didn't work so I'm up to 100mg. Where are you from?


thayward7 - July 17

From Sault Ste. Marie - so you know where that is?


thayward7 - July 17

oops... meant DO you know where that is?


soimpatient - July 17

Yes I do! Its very far! A girl I went to college with lived in the Sault. I guess we'll have to wait and see if there are any other Canadians around here. How long have you been TTC...how old are you? I'm 25, we've been TTC for 11 months.


thayward7 - July 18

I am 31. I have been TTC since March. I am doing it on my own though. Tired of waiting for Mr. Right. Have been ready to be a Mom for a long time.


soimpatient - July 18

Well, I think it is great that you are doing it on your own! Why wait for a "man" to come around to make your dream of motherhood a reality when you can make your own dream come true!


thayward7 - July 18

Thanks so much for your kind words! I am excited! Hopefully this month will be the positive one.


TracyR - July 18

Hi soimpatient and thayward7! I'm live sort of between Ottawa and Kingston. I am about to start taking femara 5mg. I did 3 unsuccessful cycles of Clomid. I have PCOS. So hopefully this works better for us. I am 30 and have been TTC for about a year now. Good luck ladies!


isa - July 18

Toronto area. 7 failed iui's, 1 natural, 2 clomid with inj, 4 straight injections. No pregnancies. Proabably doing ivf in late summer early fall.


soimpatient - July 18

Tracy, I'm sure it is beautiful where you live! I love the Kingston area! We go there quite often because we have some good friends that live around there. Hi Isa! It looks like you are the closest to me! Wasn't that storm crazy last night! We didn't have power for 8 hours! Yikes~


thayward7 - July 18

Welcome isa and tracy! It's just nice to know of some other canadians, specifically from ontario too! I didn't test this morning - too nervous.


Shauna - July 18

Regina Saskatchewan. I have been TTC for 64 months. I am 29 with an 8 yr old son. Been married almost 4 yrs. I want to have at least one baby with my husband. I am not taking any meds (yet). lol


thayward7 - July 19

I think I'm out for this cycle. I started spotting tonight. I am really sad.


isa - July 19

thayward sorry about af. I'm about cd 7 now I think . Soimpatient the storm missed us. It was to the east and north of me. Sorry about the black out though this weather is brutal. Not as bad today thank goodness but this humidity I could do without.


soimpatient - July 19

thayward. Sorry about af. It is always so heartbreaking when she shows her ugly face! What do you have planned for your next cycle? I'm on cd 8 and tomorrow is my last dose of clomid. I really hope that I ovulate this cycle. It sucks when you are pumping drugs into your body and it doesn't work!


soimpatient - July 19

Tracy, when you said that you did 3 cycles of clomid unsucessfully does that mean that you didn't ovulate on it? I am getting worried that I might be resistant to clomid. Argh!!!



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