Feels Awkward
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mg - February 24

It NEVER seems to fail whenever my DH and I have a fight, I will be in the bathroom as mad as a wet hen, and thats when I ALWAYS get my positive OPK!!! I drives me nuts becouse I am SOOO mad but I HAVE to make nice so that we can bed on time. I guess it is kinda funny, I feel like a black widow, I want to mate with him and then kill him,!!LOL!!


Ann - February 24

mg, you made me laugh out loud with the black widow comment!! Funny, and I know how you feel--it seems like BDing has to come at some inconvenient time...


TL - February 27

Hi Ann. We have been trying for over a year now. I had an HSG done in Oct-04 and was hoping that would do it for us but nothing changed....No preggers yet.
Still on 2ww here, hoping. Only feeling warmer than normal the last few days, waking up with pink cheeks which is unusual for me cause I am always freezing (live in MN).
Baby dust to you :)



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