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Angie_Pooh - February 22

Odd question... Does sex with a purpose and an agenda feel awkward to anyone else? DH and I have been trying for 3 years. We just started Clomid in Dec. Everything feels off when we baby dance... It almost feels mechanical. Anyone else have this issue???


jg - February 22

I sure did when we were TTC! It was like "hi babe, it's got to be tonight". As in, GOT to be tonight. Sure takes the romance and spontanaity out of the love-making process!! Especially when you're lying in bed with your legs up in the air.........AFTER the act. You will look back on all this and laugh when your journey of TTC has become complete.


jg - February 22

Another thing (I always forget something!), my DH made it easier to bear by keeping a sense of humour. He would yell at my belly while I was lying there "swim boys swim"!!! It's good if you can fine something (anything!) to laugh about.


Ann - February 22

Angie, I could not agree with you more. The no-purpose spontaneous sex is much different! Like jg, my dh and I joke about it a lot which makes it a little easier.


TL - February 22

Hi. I understand how you feel, although my fiancee is always ready for lovin' so he never seems to mind :)
I heard if a man drinks a cup of coffee 30 min before the act, the sperm will get a jolt and swim a bit faster. Hoping it works, also using OPK's for the first time this month. Feeling hopeful again. If this will not work, we have fertility appt set up so I can start IUI's.


Ann - February 22

TL, I have read that too about coffee, but I have also read that it reduces the longevity of the sperm. We just can't win--always cons where there are pros!! I guess coffee is sort of like the stuff they put in the sperm when they wash it for an iui (that reduces longevity as well). Good luck on your ttc journey, and hopefully you will get pg without have to do iui or the like!


TL - February 22

Yes, I read that too, but am up to try anything to make it happen.
It's like a second job when trying to concieve, but it's for such a good purpose.
It gets so tough when AF arrives, it seems to be the biggest let down ever.
You sure feel the clock ticking when women the same age (31) already have pre-teens running around!


Ann - February 22

TL, what I would give to be 31! I am 36 and running out of time quickly...plus I just got af last weekend. Fun week. You hit the nail on the head--it is like a second job, and posting on the board adds to that too (although it keeps me sane in the ttc world). If you have to start iuis, it really gets time consuming. Like I said, I hope you just get pg on your own. Good luck on ttc!


TL - February 22

Ann, don't feel bad at 36. My cousin finally decided she wanted a baby at 37 and is preggers with her first and all is good and healthy.
We are starting at later ages these days.
Baby dust to you :)


jg - February 22

Ann I have a friend who conceived naturally at 41, another at 35, another that conceived through IVF at 40. By the way Angie-Pooh, you really want to feel awkward, then try IVF!! We went through that process five times in a year, and believe me, "baby'dancing" is a whole lot better than all that IVF involves. That is one part of our process of getting pregnant that we DON'T look back and laugh about. I figured that in one year, I had to give myself about 175 needles, have 35 blood tests, 12 transvaginal ultrasounds, was in hospital for procedures 9 times, and spent a whoooooole lot of money on it......now THAT's awkward! You will be happy to know that when you have reached your goal and you have a little baby, sex (in most cases) goes back to normal and the spontenaity will return!! Good luck everyone, this journey of TTC brings RICH rewards.


Ann - February 22

I don't feel bad about my age in general, but it is definitely the source of my ttc problem. Wow, jg, you really went through a lot with your ivfs. I am glad you got pg after going through all that. I am starting my first cycle of injectibles in a couple weeks.


Ann - February 22

What are/were everyones ttc issues?


TL - February 23

My issues are unexplained infertility.
HSG was good, blood levels were good, not over/under weight. Partner is good too.
Bad timing I think. I was never really tracking my O time. This month I took charge and used the O kit and it works! Day 14 was dark, day 15 was really dark and by day 16 it was super light. I am holding out hope again this month. 2ww will be hell.
Baby dust to all :)


Ann - February 23

TL, good luck on your 2ww! When are you testing?


TL - February 24

Hi Ann. I will wait until next af is due on 3/7...if late I will do it on 3/8...seems so far away :)


Ann - February 24

TL, ah, you are one of the people good about waiting!! I start at 10dpo. I can't stand the wait!! You are just in the start of the 2ww, then. I hope time flies for you (as if that is possible!). How long have you been ttc?


mg - February 24

It NEVER seems to fail whenever my DH and I have a fight, I will be in the bathroom as mad as a wet hen, and thats when I ALWAYS get my positive OPK!!! I drives me nuts becouse I am SOOO mad but I HAVE to make nice so that we can bed on time. I guess it is kinda funny, I feel like a black widow, I want to mate with him and then kill him,!!LOL!!



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