Feeling very lost and confused, what now???
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Ann - February 21

mg, I am sorry to hear that. I hope you figure something out. What a jerk of a gyn to not work with you knowing that you don't have insurance to cover anything.


mg - February 21

I just talked to another OB clinic where my DH coworkers wife is an OB there. I talked to her nurse and she agreed that getting an HSG maybe jumping the gun alittle. I have an appointment with her on monday the 27th. I hope since we know her and her husband, she will be willing to work with us.


Ann - February 21

mg, I am glad you got an appt with someone else! I've heard both sides to getting the hsg--some people say not to worry about it and then you hear other stories about people wasting time with clomid only to find out that their tubes are blocked! Since you can just take a break from clomid and restart, it shouldn't be a big deal to just try it for a while. How old are you, btw, if you don't mind my asking?


mg - February 22

I am 27 and my dh is 37. Him and I have talked and agreed that we would like to try Clomid or something for say 3-4 months, if we are not pregnant by then then we would go for further evaluation (HSG and other testing) . I feel this is reasonable, what most upsetting was that he was going to prescribe me Clomid WITHOUT a HSG before, but after had refferred us to the clinic, he wont prescribe unless I have a HSG. He said if the fertility MD says he can he will. I think I just need a second opinion.


Ann - February 22

I am glad to hear you are young and can afford to try some other things first. I agree that a 2nd opinion will be a good idea. I think most drs don't have a problem prescribing clomid. Like I said, even though your body can become clomid resistant, I have read that you only have to stop for a month to get your body back to normal. Good luck at your appt.



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