Feeling lonely..FTTC....anyone else?
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Diane - November 10

Actually, in a perfect world, I won't be waddleing around 9 months preggers in the middle of August out here. I also realized another downside to not being pregnant this month as I aimlessly wandered the mall looking for a Christmas present for my Mother in Law the other night. If I were pregnant I could have just given her the news and then a box of rocks and she still would have been happy.


cw - November 10

diane you can still possibly give that gift this year to your mil. i am currently on day 4 of my femara and have it timed out that we would find out @ dec 6. i think i will wait and write it down and wrap it up for my family and make them open it all at the same time. hopefully it will work out that way for all of us on here!! next month is also my 10th anniversary so i am hoping to give dh another baby to celebrate :) well i am going to start shoveling out the baby dust so we will all be covered :)


Brooke - November 11

...I am so happy to see that I am NOT at all alone in shopping for Maternity clothes! I live in Columbus Ohio and there is a Mimi Maternity at my favorite mall! :) And I too will look on line....and I look at the baby clothes and imagine how I would decorate the my baby room.....I am with ya Diane! I want to give the best CHRISTMAS GIFT of all....baby dust! (I just think that is too cute!)


Mega - November 11

Hi Brooke, we're practically neighbors. I live in Cincinnati. I am so glad there is this whole subgroup of future preggie women who dream of maternity clothes & baby stuff. I'm not the only one! Good to know! I've known the theme I was going to use for the nursery since we bought our house 3 years ago--fishes, so I don't have to repaint the bedroom. It's blue. LOL! I think fishes can be gender neutral.


Diane - November 11

Mines Classic Pooh. It's wood paneling and the carpet is beige. And what's worse is that I'm an artist and I've actually done paintings for the nursery : ) And I've already got dibs on my best friends baby furniture. Her little girl in 19 months so she'll be done with them by the time I give birth (hopfully). She told me that I was definatly mentally ready to be a mom when I pulled a booger out of her nose with a tissue and it didn't make me gag. She said she had problems doing that without wanting to hurl and it's her kid.


Mega - November 11

Sounds beautiful, Dianne. I think that's great that you're so talented & have painted murals already. I wish I could do that! Yeah, you certainly sound like you've passed the "mom" test--deboogering is a good first step. That image made me laugh--loudly!


Mega - November 11

Opps, sorry, I added an extra "n" to your name, Diane.



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