Feeling down (once again)
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Dina - May 25

So this was our 4th month ttc after suffering from a m/c (and months of ttc before that too), and today I started feeling bad cramps. I am afraid a/f is on it's way! I know 4 months is not that long but it feels like an eternity of a rollercoaster ride...feeling good and excited about the possibiltiy of pregnancy, then feeling awful when you suspect a/f will arrive any second. And feeling so awful all I can do is cry and stuff my face with Krispy Kreme donuts! YIKES!!! So I guess I am signing off again for another month and trying to be hopeful for "June trying". Good luck to all!


Melissa - May 25

Hi Dina, don't sign off for the month. We are all here for support. We've all gone through the wait and know how hard it is. Just remember it's all in God's timing. :-) *baby dust*


nancy - May 25

Hi Dina, Just keep on trying, i'm TTC for more than a year, no success until now, but we have to be strong and be patient for i know that there is a perfect time for all of us. I know how you feel and always wish that AF will not come but once it appears as if you want to give up, but keep trying and always remember that we have each other here for support


Drew - May 25

Hi Dina, I know just how you feel... I'm not supposed to be getting af till the 3rd of next month, but already I'm starting to feel like it may be on the way. We have been ttc for three years and also had an m/c 4 years ago. I'm on Metformin and Clomid and although its only been a month on it I'm wondering if the side effects are worth it. Ok, if it works they are, but its awful not only feeling physically unwell, and feeling down in spirits. Just gotta keep our chins and hopes up. Good luck ladies!


kim - May 26

hello dina im only 17yrs old but been trying to conceive for 18months, i get really down when my period arrives too but you should really stay strong and keep your head up, good luck to you


To Kim? - May 26

Are you married Kim? We are you trying so young. Just curious!


To Kim? - May 26

we.....why!!! Sorry



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