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Neuza - June 13

Hi Ladies,
I am on my 3rd of clomid & i hope will be the last one. I am 29 years & trying to conceive for the past 3.5 years. Last year i was diagnosed with PCOS, what suprised the doctors because i have regular periods, normal height. Nevertheless last year i started to loss my hair & now i have more hair on my arms & legs. My partner done all the test & is ok....trying to get pregnant should be something so easy & is like a ful-time job for me. Same days i feel i can cope...but everytime my period comes (no words!!!!!!). I wish everyone here all the luck!!!!


fitnessfan21 - June 13

I am so sorry your journey has been so long already. I am 27 and have had 2 m/c ( no living children). I am to the point now where i am so frustrated that maybe it will never happen. I understand why you are feeling down and i wish you all the luck in the world. I hope that you get a BFP very very soon.


crystal74 - June 13

i also have been ttc for 15 months now and still no bfp#1. i cry every month a/f comes. we're all here for you girl, don't give up. it was so hard for me to relax about it all but i finally did by taking a vacation and clearing my mind. don't get me wrong i still stress out and think what if i never conceive, but something inside me keeps me going to the next dr appt. and we did our first IUI 6/10/06, i really hope it worked. anyway's we're all here to chat with you and make it easier on you. at least that's what these girls do for me. except for when it's dead in here. :):);) i'll be praying for you!!!!!


manyika - June 14

Hi Ladies, I know how you feel. I'm 32 and have been ttc for a year and 10 months now. I have irregular periods, got pg last year but it was a blighted ovum. I started seeing a RE to help with my ovulation problem last January. Had HSG done which showed my tubes are clear, dh's SA came out ok too. I've had 2 cycles of Clomid w/ IUI for the past consecutive months. On the first cycle my progesterone was 9.0 and last week it was 15.8. I had my hopes up thinking I could be pg. Unfortunately, af started this morning and I may have to start another Clomid cycle again. I do hope this will be my last one too. I'm just so glad that my dh is very supportive and he keeps my hopes up. Good luck to everyone!


Neuza - June 14

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for your replies & support. I think only people with similar situations are able to understand how emotional & difficult this situation is. My best-friend got pregnant last month & i am finding difficult to cope...i dont want to feel this way because i love her, but i can't control (how sad is that...she my best friend & i love very much!!!!) . My partner is a good support & he says if we can't have childrens we will in future adopt...however for me to dont lose any hope.
Anyway i just want to say on this site i found confort & peace of mind. Therefore I hope in future all of us will be asking question about how good is being pregnant,etc. Good luck for everyone!!!!!

Ps- Just to let know I am portuguese leaving in london


aish - June 14

i know even evry mth i feel same depression ...and always cry ...but GOD is not listening to our cries...
well this site is like my best frnd where i can tell my feelings ...
i am ttc 14 mths no bfp yet, lives in VA


kotkot005 - June 19

hey neuza ... your story looks like mine. i am 25 trying to concieve since 22 months , first of all i have been diagnosed with PCOS the thing that much astonished me more than any of my doctors , the reson is that i used to have a clocktime period, i am on the perfect shape of a model, and i have no hair excess .... so who can anticipate that i have such disorder! i have lived my entire life thinking that i am quite normal and that there is nothing wrong with my babymaking machine as my regular period was a more than enough symptom to tell that i am just normal... but i was not . i did rounds of clomid where it was so much successful in inducing ovulation but no luck with conceiving , then doctor prescribed the hsg where the found a tinny blockage on both my tubes... right away with help of 100mg i was succesful to concieve but dreams never come true that easy i lost the baby early on my second month (imagine!!!!!) few months later i started clomid again and that was in june 2005 and since then i have had no luck .. iam on my fourth round of clomid .. as usuall succesful in inducing ovulation but with no concieving (what's the point?) i am still struggling .. my doctor will switch to the backup plan after i finish six trials of clomid ... plan B would be the IVI , which i really pray not to go through this procedure ... this is my tinny story ! so i wish you all the luck and never give up


Neuza - June 19

Hi Kotkot005, thanks to tell us your story. I cant imagine how difficult should be for u because u already went throught so much!!!!! I wish u all the luck & let us kept in touch. I finish my 3 round of clomid & i ovulated ok...now i need to wait 2 weeks to see if i am pregnant or not. Sometimes is too much & i feel i can't cope. I dream about being pregnant & i wake-up think about pregnancy & waiting every months to see if my period comes or not is too much!!!!! I need some holidays to see if i can relax. I hope your 4 round of clomid will be the last one....fingers crossed!!!!!!!


kotkot005 - June 25

hey neuza ... well i hope so but to tell you the truth my past experiance has learned me not to make any high expectations. i am cd33 which means that my period is about 5days late and i made one test with BFN as usual. i know that i am not pregnant , i can tell i am not. but that never happens to me on a regular clomid cycle .. i usually have a 28 to 29 clocktime cycle with clomid.anywyas, as i told u life learned me not to mke any kind of expectations .... i am done with this whole fertility thing. you know what ? i attended a two year master programe which has eventually ended last month .. with a GPA of 4 out of 4 .. u can tell i have been investing my frustration into studying and yeah that helped alot to distract my attention from the whole pregnancy thing.
one more thing i want to share with you is that suddenly i am feeling that the whole world is full with pregnant women ... wherever i go there are clues and hints even the t.v commercials has got meanings now when it contains a happy mother and a wonderful kid.
tell me what happened with you on your third clomid circle.
baby dust


Neuza - June 25

Hi Kotokot005, i know waht i mean about past experiences & not to make high expections!!!! U r saying u r on cd33 & ur period is 5 days late...however u done a pregnancy test & come negative. Normally when taking clomid ur period should come 27-31 days & this is mean u ovulated. If the period does come is two things pregancy or u didnt ovulated. This is what my doct told.... anyway my friend when she found she was pregnant the first pregnancy test she done after 7 days of a period missing come negative, then after one week she done one & come positive. Are u sure u r not pregnant? I know the feeling of being done with whole the fertility thing...i tell u something my doctor said to me " take clomid for 6 months & dont use any ovulation kits,etc" "u should ovulated 5-9 after ur last pill, therefore try to dont think too much & enjoy" . He thinks if u get to paranoid trying to get pregnant, ur body feels that & is hard to conceive". To be honest not using ovulation kits, etc helped me not getting to concern thinking "should a be doing sex this day or not...u know!!!!". Now i feel more relaxed...i still think everydays about pregnancy...but in a more healthy way. I know what u mean about whole word is full of pregnant womens...my best mate is pregnant & i find very difficult to see her, but i need to support her..well....
My period should come on the begning of next month & i hope i will be able to cope fine, because i think is so much ur brains can take. I hope u r fine & all the best.


Neuza - June 26

Today i feel really down...waiting to see if my period comes or not is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! In the past, i run to the chemist to buy a test & allways was negative. I am trying to take my mind way...isn't easy..........................


manyika - July 1

Hi Neuza, I'm feeling down too. I had my third cycle of Clomid last month and I'm now on cd19 and still with no LH surge. I'm wondering if I will ovulate this month. Kotkot005, I know what you mean when you say that the world is full of pregnant women. My friends and I had a get together in San Jose two weeks ago, all of them have kids except me :( we went to a mall and everywhere I turned, I saw pregnant women with their bellies in different sizes. I swear I saw more than ten pregnant women that day. It makes me feel down and can't help myself think how come it was so easy for them to get pregnant when some of us here are struggling.


Neuza - July 4

Hi manyika, i complete understand your frustation. This month was my 3rd on clomid & unfortunately my period come. I ask the same question over & over why is so easy for some & we are here struggling. I feel SH....!!!! today. Well on more month to go on clomid...i hope this will be your month.
Kotkot005 i hope u r ok...give us some news.



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