Feel depressed
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lisa - April 21

I feel so depressed at times as i really want to get pregnant ASAP. I am 28 yrs old
I have been trying so hard. i know my fertile days and yet, nothing is happening.
Pls feel free to answer


nancee - April 21

hello lisa....i'm also trying to conceive for a year now and i'm also having a hard time. Just relax and keep on trying. Let's hope that we're going to have a baby soon.


Milissa - April 22

Its hard but one thing you can't let it run you...you have to RELAX and let it take its course..it will happen when it's time! I know thats hard to hear...good luck


lisa - April 22

thanks i know i need to relax more


Sasha - April 23

Hi Lisa! I know how you feel. My best friend is pregnant and I don't want to be around her because I get so jealous and I hate feeling that way.


Lisa - April 23

Hi Sasha,
I know how u feel cus the girl who i sit nxt to at work is pregnant, we used to always talk about getin pregnant, so she started to try and concieved in 6 mths, but me i neva cus i thought i wud wait for abit, but nw i so regret it cus i have been trying and have had no joy. I feel so upset when she talks about it, i am happy for her but feel so dwn.
Hpe and pray 2 god that we get preg soon


Milissa - April 23

well I have one friend that is pregnant agian after having an abortion...and now my husbands cousin is pregnant...blah blah bad boyfriend ya know not married crap...I 'v had it!!!!


shan - April 23

I am in the same situation. ttc for almost two years and no luck. All my friends have had babies and my sister has too. Some are even trying for their second. It is really hard to be around them sometimes. Everyone says to relax but I don't know how to get my mind off of it. I might stop taking clomid for a few months and see if this will help me get my mind off it since my doctor said I won't get pregnant without it since I don't ovulate when I'm not on it. Any suggestions about how I can relax? Baby dust to all.


lisa - April 23

Hi shan,

u need to take ur mind of things and if u feel clomid will help u then i suggest u take it, hpe we all get preg soon


dawn - April 24

lisa, I couldn't get preg for over 2 1/2 years. My hormones were low. I had a friend give me some info on herbal supplements formulated by a nutritionist and I gave him a call. He told me that everyone that has taken these herbal supplements have gotten preg within 3 months. I tried them and i was preg in 2-1/2 months. I was so excited. I tell anyone I can about this. I can email you the info if you like. My email is [email protected]. I have given his phone number and info to many of my friends and they all got preg. taking it. Within 3 months. It is all natural and there are no side effects. And much cheaper than ferility med.



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