fed up
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madeline - May 7

Hi there. I have been trying for my third baby for 9 months now, getting really fed up, my husband says its taking over my life! I know I already have 2 great kids but have always wanted more.
Why is it these people can get pregnant by accident and don't reall want kids, but we are all trying so hard and its just not happening! Maybe we are trying too hard!
I am now 31 days into my cycle and really thought I was pregnant this time but did a test yesterday and it was negative. I feel like my period may start today. . .we will have to wait and see AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber - May 7

Maybe you are trying to hard....and stressing out about can mess things up too. Why don't you 'take a break' from trying and just see what happens. Maybe all you need to do is relax about the situation and it will happen when you least expect! ;) Good luck! :)


agree/christina - May 7

I always feel that way, like here you have two loving people who want children so badly, i have no children yet, and we are trying a long time, and there are teens and others who dont even care or know how precious giving a life is!


Cutie - May 7

My DH and I are ttc baby # 1, he really wants to be daddy and I keep dreaming of being mommy. I know this girl that used to hate kids and got married and got preggo right away, my sis in law also got preggo recently, I cry all the time.....I will be so excited when I fall preggo



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