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catalinaD - March 20

Hope everyone finds it.. sticky baby dust


sharerc - March 20

I found it. Hannah- I think I'll test on Tuesday which will be 10DPO. I am leaving for Vegas the next day and kind of need to know whether or not to pack tampons :) I need to start my progesterone suppositories tonight since we are done BDing for awhile and I'm past my O day. Fun, fun.


filledwithfaith - March 20

Hi everyone! I found the new thread and I will be checking it daily, if not participating. I am on training right now in Vancouver at the Justice institute and have limitted access to PC.
I have a question for any informed ladies. What days should I be taking robitusin, how much and how often? I am on CD11 today(I think, as I explained earlier with the messed up AF/spotting) and unfortunately will not be seeing DF until Friday (CD14?). If anyone can help out, I would appreciate it. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!


Hannah B - March 21

SHARE, good luck with this cycle. I hope you don't need to bring your tampons. CATALINA, is your doctor an RE or just a regular OBGYN. I'm sorry that you have to wait so long. I think regular OB's don't see you until your like 7-8 weeks along. That what happened with my cousin. But if your going to the RE, I think they check you as soon as possible because their main goal is to help you get pregnant and to assist you in sustaining the pregnancy. I hope time goes by fast for you.


catalinaD - March 21

Hannah, it's an OB.. I guess that's why then. I just have never heard of this before.. Thanks, I hope time goes fast too. My appt. isn't set until April 18th.. ugg that's a long ways off it seems.. Filledwithfaith, I started the robitussin on last clomid pill. Then I kept taking it until after I Od. I took it from cd6 until cd16..


snoop - March 21

Hi ladies! I found it!! Catalina does your OB know your situation? Maybe you should let him know and those blood levels checked.. I go for my u/s tomorrow. I dont know how much more disappointment I can take. I have one damaged tube and one good tube and problems ovulating. Baby dust to all!


sharerc - March 21

Good morning. Catalina- most OBs don't want to see you this early because there is nothing to see. All they can look for is the gestational sac at this point. So, they like to wait until around 7 weeks because you should see a heartbeat at that point. I know it's a long time to wait though! My OB has promised me she will not make me wait this next time since the last one was a blighted ovum. I'll be going in for sonos once a week until I feel better about it. Well, last night was great! Just to be able to go to sleep! I started my progesterone last night and am not wearing the rolex anymore. I hope it works out this month. I have a friend that wants to buy the rolex if it does work. Snoop-good luck with your u/s today! I'm meeting some friends for lunch today then going to see Princess Wishes on Ice tonight. Should make for a late night!


Dawnn - March 21

morning ladies: I' have a question for you. Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms 3-4 days after ovulation (e.g. sore boobs). Am I just hoping too much? I thought that you didn't start having symptoms until the embryo had implanted in the uterus which takes 5-12 days. Is it possible that it is just the clomid (100 mg) making them sore with crazy hormones? We have been ttc now for 2 years and had 2 miscarriages during that time. Am I just grasping at straws as they say? Would love to hear from you about any EARLY symptoms you all may have had with previous pregnancies. Baby dust to us all!!!


sharerc - March 21

Dawnn, I would say those are most likely side effects from the clomid. But you never know! I had implantation bleeding with both of my pregnancies right around 6DPO. So, I hope to see some brown spotting on Friday!


snoop - March 22

Thanks Share!!! My uterine lining looked good (nice and thick) like last month. I will not have my blood work back until tomorrow at the earliest. I hope I ov like the little stick said..if so I know me and dh b'd on both days. I am just so tired of the disappointment at this time I hate to look for anything positve. After an ecoptic for trying so long, and knowing at least one of my tubes is clear I am praying. My dh is younger than I and has no children but yet yearns for his own. My friends and support group here mean the world to me. What is the latest with you??? Dawn..I had symptoms last month around 3-4 days after ov like extremely sore nipples..sorry if its tmi...but I had never had that before and didnt know what to think of it. Only once I had tracers around my eyes. This month though, I have had NO side effects at least thus far. You know your body and anything that is unusual...I suggest you keep your line of communication with your doctor and log everything. PS: I am on my second month of clomid but still at only 50mg...my u/s today showed lots of follicles on both ovaries. Does anyone know anything about these follicles? What do they mean?


Keeley618 - March 22

Hey ladies!! I am 6 dpo and checked my cervix this morning and had light pink blood, is it possible implantation bleeding?? I just don't want to get my hopes up!


rrc - March 22

Good morning ladies! Glad you started a new thread, CATALINA, the other was starting to get long. Sorry you visit to the OB was so frustrating. Hopefully April 18 will be here before you know it. Are you feeling more sick now? SHARE, any side effects yet? Any spotting? How was the Pricesses on Ice? DAWNN, I had sore boobs off and on for the whole month I had taken Clomid. And then AF came. So I think it is a side effect, but maybe for you something more. We can hope anyways. :) How are you feeling today? SNOOP, have you gotten the results yet today? Hopefully it shows you O'd! From what I understand, the follicles are what hold the eggs. As they mature the follicles get bigger, and then eventually release the egg. (Hopefully!) At least that's the way I understand it. Anyone else have more imput? KEELEY, it sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. Do you know how long your cycle is? It could be pre spotting for AF, too. We'll hope for the implantation bleeding! Keep us posted!


Keeley618 - March 22

RRC - my cycle is 38 days and I am on day 28!!! now I'm really getting excited....I hope this is it for me!!! Send me baby dust girls!!! BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!!!


rrc - March 23

KEELEY, are on Clomid this cycle? That can change your cycle length.


Keeley618 - March 23

RRC - yes I started clomid this month, I ovualted (used OPKs) on CD22 (3 days earlier than usual) this morning when I wiped i had pink discharge so I checked my cervix to find brownish red blood not alot and not enough to wear anything...is it possible to get your period 7 days after ovulation? or could I just be spotting? or is there still hope for implantation? I am starting to get discouraged!! thanks for your help!!!


rrc - March 23

KEELEY, on my first month of clomid,(last month) Igot +opk on cd15, then started spotting 9 days later. Spotted brown for 5 days then af came. :( But that's just me. other people spot and then are pregnant. You never know... Where is everyone else today?


filledwithfaith - March 25

hi everyone! So where is everyone at right now? I am sure hoping that we get a snow storm of babydust through this thread soon! I am on CD 14 (maybe) and got a + OPK this morning so I will beBD tonight and for the next couple of days for sure. I am sure hoping that I will O this month, as I didn't last month. I do not have the same intense cramps that I did last month, which I now wonder if they were a cyst??? I do have some discomfort and a couple of sharp pains earlier but nothing to severe. I am hoping for the best! I would love to see how everyone is doing so I will check in later! puffing dust in everyone's direction!



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