Fear of Pap Smear
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niel_arthur - August 7

I am in my late twenties have been trying to get pregnant for past 1 year, but not successful.
I am afraid of a Pap test so am not able to visit a Gyneacologist. Is there an alternative to the pap test?
Can a doctor provide me a diagnosis as t o why i cannot conceive by any other method than a Pap smear test?


thayward7 - August 7

Do you mind me asking what worries you about a pap test? Maybe then, we could help you with what is worrying you. I know it is an important test, and very unintrusive compared to the other tests that women go through to get pregnant! Smiles,
- T


tynadu - August 7

hello niel, a pap test looks for signs of cancer and EVERY woman should have one each year. You are not ready to have any children if you can't even take care of yourself. What if something is wrong with your child and the Dr has to do something that you are afraid of, do you let the child stay sick or let the DR do what they have to do? I think you would get your kid that help afraid or not, so do the same for yourself and your family.


MelissaV - August 7

The pap test is SUPER important. It looks for abnormal cervical cells that can turn in to cancer. I would take a pap test over a blood test anyday, but I understand your fear, as I have an irrational fear of needles. There really is nothing to be afraid of. If your doctor is good, it over before you even knew it began and is not painful. Now, on another note. Pap tests are not used to diagnose infertility issues. The 2 are (I should say usually) unrelated issues. I had my first pap when I was 22 and it showed abnormal cells. We were able to treat it, and my paps since then have been fine, but if it hadn't been treated, it could have developed into cancer. I also found out last year that my tubes were blocked during a test called an HSG. My immediate reaction was "oh no...was it caused by the cervical issues" My doctor assured me those were COMPLETELY different issues. You may not like this either (and I promise I'm not trying to scare you), but the first test done to check for problems when not conceiving is the HSG, and it is more invasive than the pap. So, my advice is try to get the courage to go to the pap and work your way up from there if necessary. I also strongly recommending asking your doctor for anxiety medicine that would help you to relax enough to go through with the appointment. For me they have been a Godsend to get through all the tests I have gone through for infertility. Good luck!


Tracy88 - August 7

I realize people have fears, and I am not trying to seem insensitive to that, but just like the other girls said, you have to get the pap done. I went to the gynecologist for the first time when I was about 16 or 17, and I went with my older sister. That helped a lot. It's like Melissa said though, testing for infertility is way more invasive than a pap, so if you really want a baby, you need to start with the pap and work your way into the other tests. The first thing my fertility doctor wanted done was a pap. I also had the HSG and would do it all over again if I had to. For one of my tests I requested valium or something and that helped too. Don't fear it, it's not painful and needs to be done every year like clockwork!


niel_arthur - August 8

Hi All,
Thanks for all your encouraging words. But i have tried to get the test done a few times by a gynaec, but everytime, i just came back without getting it done, which is really discouraging.
It is some mental block i am not able to overcome.
Can you suggest some thing that will help me visit a gynaec and so he/she can diagnose as to why i am still not able to conceive or better if there is an alternative that doctor can suggest for a Pap Smear.
Thanks in advance


Tracy88 - August 8

There is no alternative to a pap. Like I said before, maybe take someone comforting with you, or get some drugs from the doc, because it must be done and there are no other alternatives. ANY tests that you have to determine why you are not getting pregnant are far worse than a pap, so I don't know what else to tell you to be honest.


kare21162 - August 8

Hello, niel_arthur. I am 21 and I have never had a pap test up until last month. I was afraid to have one as well. I just couldn't imagine something being inserted into me and then having it be cranked open. But I needed to have it done and it was not that bad, not at all!!! It didn't hurt like I thought it did, I was a little crampy during, but I think it was because I was so nervous. I was also afraid to get one because I didn't want them to tell me that something was wrong. I would really go and get one done, because it made me relax a little better because now I know that everything was normal. A big weight was lifted off of me to know that everything was fine down there and that I didn't have cervical cancer or breast cancer (that was my big scare, runs in the family). I hope that helps. Make an appointment, I promise you it's not bad at all.


kare21162 - August 8

Oh, if you think that a Pap Smear is bad, you really don't want to get pregnant. The first ultrasound is usually up the vagina. There are hands up there and all sorts of things. LOL!!!


Tammy276 - August 8

Listen, there is no alternative for a pap, and it is something you really need to get done for your own health. From my own experience, I was scared to death to go to the gyno to get it done, and I finally did when I met my now husband.......needless to say, I should have gone a long time before that. My first pap was an abnormal one and found out I have the hpv that causes cervical cancer. I was one step away from having cancer and they had to go in and remove the abnormal cells. If I would have waited another year, or even 6 months, it may have been too late and I could have had cancer. Sorry if tmi, and I don't want to scare you, but this is something that every woman does on a yearly basis....I"m not going to lie, its not the funnest thing in the world, but if you have a doctor that you are comfortable with, they make it easy for you and talk you through everything. It is not painful, a little uncomfortable, but not painful at all. If you want to have kids, you really need to have this done, and I'll tell ya this, it really prepares you for having kids because #1 when you go in for your first prenatal appt., they will usually do a pap if it has been a while, or if you have never had one, and #2, when you go into labor, you have nurses sticking their fingers in you every 10 minutes to see how far dialated you are (tmi, I know). But really, it is nothing to be scared of!! Just make the appt., and go in and talk w/ your doctor about what your fears are, or talk w/ us about what your fears really are about getting a pap done. Really, it only takes about 5 minutes and they are done and it is over with. If you talk w/ your doctor they will sit you down and talk you through everything and ease your mind about your fears. Everyone is scared to go in for their fist time because it is something they have never done before, but really, you need to do this for your health. Sorry this was so long.


MelissaV - August 8

There are no alternatives I know of to a pap and I was in the same boat as Tammy was with the abnormal cells. It's just SO important to do it. Are you afraid it will be painful? or is it something else? My best advice is to take someone with you who is supportive, but also not going to let you back out. When I had my HSG done (vaginal ultrasound and catheter inserted in my cervix to send dye through my tubes) I panicked big time. I was ready to jet out of there, but my mom was like, "no, you're here...just get it over with." And she was right...she knew I'd never go back. My other advice is discuss your fears with your doctor in advance and ask for anxiety medication. And, I've been known to take a small stuffed animal or squishy ball. Also when I am having procedures done I don't want to know what is going on. Just want the doctor to do her job and get it over with. So, I ALWAYS read a magazine or listen to music during the procedure and just ignore it all. Hope that helps....now go set up your appointment! You won't regret it!


MelissaV - August 8

As I was typing my previous post there was a commercial on tv about pap tests. Here's the website: www.tell-someone.com



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