False Pregnant??? Need advice please!!!
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jla - May 27

I just took an EPT home pregnancy test. I don't know what I'm doing first of all b/c I've never been pregnant. I also just got off of Lupron Depot in January and had my first period at the end of April. I thought I should have started about 3 days ago, but I haven't. My husband was teasing me that I might be pregnant, so I decided to test just to prove him wrong. Well, it came back PREGNANT! Is there a possibility this could be a false pregnant? I took it at night and my friends are telling me there are no real false positives. HELP! Thoughts please!!!


liendy - May 27

hi! you shoul not panic. The best thing you can do is visit a doctor. He can give you good accurate answer. You are lucky if you get pregnant. Thousands of female wants to get pregnant but its hard. Im one of them. So, just goodluck and dont worry a lot. it will just cause you stress and its not good.


jla - May 28

Hi, liendy. Thank your for writing. I had two rounds of endometriosis and just finished Lupron Depot shots in January that put me in menopause for 6 months to shrink the endo that was on my colon. I wasn't sure that we were even going to be able to conceive, so I was quite shocked. I do know that I am blessed. I read this forum a lot and pray for all of the ladies who have difficulties, as I thought I was in the same boat. I hope you do not think that I was not being sensitive to that. Thanks again and good luck to you, too!


hara2326 - May 28

jla, girl you are lucky that you are(if you are) my fiance and i have been trying and nothing has happened i wished for my cycle not to come on it didnt for a week and then boom it came on fullblast!! so you know how i felt. i wish i was in your boat right now every time i took the e.p.t it would have 1 line and i would get depressed right then and there. but go to your gyn or doctor and let them do a blood test because you now the lab dont lie.



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